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Susan, 50 | Dallas, Texas | United States (January 30, 2015)
I've endured cystic acne as a teenager and adult acne since then. I've tried hundreds of products and spent thousands on facials. I've cleaned up my diet to mostly pure foods. Yet, I still suffer from melias and blackheads along with now...aging!! Last night I used the Drying Lotion for the first time. Upon reviewing my skin this morning in a 10x magnifying mirror, I saw that my MELIAS WERE GONE! I'm going to become a 100% Mario Badescu user going forward. Thank you!

Zeynep, 16 | Patchogue, New York | United States (January 11, 2015)
The answer to pimples is always... hormones!! However Mario Badescu is the answer, honestly didn't think it would work as well as they lady selling it to me said. But it did and I've seen a real change in my skin though it did take about a month and you have to be strict with it don't skip days. Overall I definitely believe that its worth every penny also the products last a long time which is great!

Valerie, 22 | Plainfield, Connecticut | United States (January 2, 2015)
I stumbled upon this line in my local Ulta store and thought I would give it a try. I have very severe hormonal break outs lasting about two weeks that are very deep and painful and the pimples leave dark marks. I am very fair skinned so every pimple leaves a mark. I tried the acne facial cleanser, the drying lotion and the glycolic acid toner and the whitening mask. Within two weeks my hormonal deep pimples had disappeared and were not reoccuring the following month, my dark marks had faded signifcantly and my skin felt smooth and clean. I will never use another product. This line saved my skin!

Maggie, 23 | NEW YORK, New York | United States (November 21, 2014)
I only recently started using the Brightening Kit, and I have already seen a pretty amazing transformation in my skin. While I have been blessed with reasonably clear skin for most my life, I have always had stubborn blackheads I couldn't get rid of, especially on the sides of my mouth and nose. I have done the entire skin regimen twice as it isn't a nightly deal and almost ALL of the blackheads that not even multiple trips to the dermatologist could fix. I honestly didn't know it was possible to have such noticeable results so quickly! These products are definitely worth dropping a little extra cash on, especially considering I have used products that costed twice as much, and didn't do a quarter as much for my skin.110% worth it.

Melissa, 28 | Wilkes barre, Pennsylvania | United States (November 21, 2014)
A friend introduce me to Mario Badescu products this past summer. I used her acne products within a week I could see a difference. The product calm the redness quicker than any other acne product I have used in the past. Also I love the fact that Mario Badescu products do not irritate my skin nor dry it like most acne products. The fragrance is also light and smells great. I placed my first online order 11/10/14 and received my package that same week. I ordered the seaweed cleansing soap, special cucumber lotion and buttermilk moisturizer. After my first use my face felt soothed and soft. The redness is fading away and my acne is clearing up very quickly. I am very happy and look forward to shopping with Mario Badescu in the near future. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone.

Deb, 54 | Minneapolis, Minnesota | United States (November 19, 2014)
Totally amazed with these products! I have had acne since I was 11 or 12. I'm now 54 and still struggle with blackheads on my nose and chin as well as occasional break outs. I started with getting some samples on the advice of a friend. The samples actually did what they said they would do! So I ordered some products. My face is looking great in less than a month! The products for acne really work. Although the sizes may seem small, they really last. It doesn't take much product to achieve results. They really last a long time. The free samples with your order are a great way to try new products and a great size to take with on a vacation.

Morgan, 16 | Honolulu, Hawaii | United States (November 7, 2014)
These products are AMAZING!! They work extremely well. My face used to be red and have a lot of breakouts.. I had bad acne. I tried so many skin products, Nothing worked. But this product did! I now have a completely clear, acne-free face thanks to Mario Badescu Skin Products. Highly, highly recommend purchasing some skin products from this brand if you are having any acne issues. P.S. I recommend the Drying Lotion, it works best out of everything for me. It is my favorite product ever!!

Jessica, 28 | Orlando, Florida | United States (November 3, 2014)
Growing up I had very minimal acne, a few pimples here and there. Once I turned 27, I started getting more acne which I thought maybe its because I am more active in my life and now hitting the "grown up" stage. About a year ago, I started to get really bad acne. I thought it came from stress and everything else that could be associated with it. I tried everything pills, creams, home remedies, proactive..everything. It made my skin worse. Recently, I had the worse break out of my life, my face and chin started getting hard, red bumps that were deep and at times painful and itchy. You guessed it, hormonal acne was making its way on my face. I was freaking out, I went to my doctor and he gave me pills and a wash but I knew it had to be more. I tried using make up to cover it but by the end of the day, the make up was gone and my face was showing the ugly side. So finally I went to ULTA to see if I cold find some better make up, the manager showed me a couple of products and then she mentioned Mario Badescu after I explained to her what was going on. She showed me the buffering lotion and I must admit after using it for 2 weeks, my skin is CLEAR!!! No more deep red painful itchy pimples/bumps! I use it every night and BOOM!! Gone! I am very pleased with this product! I would recommend this to anyone who is having hormonal acne. I love it!! My skin is smoother and I love the way it looks. My marks are fading and I feel more confident then ever. This product is awesome!

Landon's Mom, 16 | Maple Hil, North Carolina | United States (October 6, 2014)
Wow! Since about age 11, my daughter has SUFFERED from acne. I have a list of each and every product that we have tried, for how long and the results from drug store, to Pro Active to prescription. I was at my wits end! Not even sure where I first heard of MB but figured what the heck it can't hurt to try one more. Can't praise these products enough. Within 2 weeks her skin began to show signs of improvement and unlike all previous products continued to improve. I did an online consultation and purchased the recommended products and have never looked back! My daughter has DRY acne prone skin and the professionals at MB recognized that with the information I provided and addressed the dryness as well as the acne. This had never been done before, not even by her dermatologist which is why the other products worked only for a few weeks drying her skin so much that is was working overtime to produce the oil it needed and the acne we hated! Thank you SO much MB!

Hailey, 18 | Asheville, North Carolina | United States (September 30, 2014)
After struggling with acne since age 12, I have tried almost every over the counter and high end product out there even prescription creams. Nothing worked well, or it didn't stay working for long periods of time. After hearing that Mario Badescu was mostly natural, I was immediately intrigued, but a bit skeptical. I purchased the acne starter kit, and was blown away by how natural they felt on the skin and how great they smell. I have been using the regimen for almost a month an can honestly say, it is amazing. Even after a week I could feel how great my skin felt and I looked radiant. I was so used to having that dull dried out skin all m life. It has given me back confidence, and it as worked wonders for my very sensitive acne prone skin. Will continue buying products from this brand and repurchasing old favs.


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