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Carol, 51 | Forest Hills, New York | United States (August 30, 2014)
I have menopausal acne and there is never a day without a pimple or under the skin bumps that never go away. I tried the drying cream last night and woke up with no under skin bumps. Thank you, Mario Badescu for leaving me bump free! Bravo!

Paige, 50 | Fort Worth, Texas | United States (August 29, 2014)
Chances are if you are reading this review, you are unsure about whether these products work or if it is just a bunch of hype. I am usually so busy that I don't have time to write any product review. I just research the posted reviews and then make a purchase decision. However, Mario's Acne Repair trio worked a miracle for me...and I feel that I have to let people know about it. I am not paid by the company, I am not receiving any type of kickback....I am a licensed practicing Texas attorney if that helps with my credibility!! so hopefully you can trust what I am writing because I know that there is someone out there that can use this information. About a year ago after a trip to Ecuador, I broke out with cystic acne near the corners of my mouth on my chin. They were horrible. Huge inflammations deep under the skin that would not go away or reach the surface. It appeared to be hormone based and the information I got was that nothing could be done about it. Every time that it appeared to clear up, a new outbreak would occur. I would put Benefit's Boing cover-up on the outbreak, but you could still see the bumps and the red underneath. It was awful. I tried antibiotics, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, Neosporin, proactive toner I can't use their benzoyl peroxide because it gives me a reaction nothing worked. It was getting worse and I knew it was noticeable. It was horrible going before the Court for trials because everyone could see it and image is a lot of my job. My boyfriend had been politely ignoring it, and then he even started to comment on it. I did not want to go to the dermatologist AGAIN because their answer is always antibiotics. After one morning of another horrible cystic outbreak, I decided that that either something over the counter would work, or I would have to go to the doctor for the heavy duty stuff. I went to Ulta to see what was available. I saw a bottle of Mario Badescu's drying lotion and remembered a magazine had once said that this product was the bomb. I decided to get the Acne Repair Kit and see what would happen. That was two weeks ago. In the beginning, I used the Buffering Lotion and Drying Cream everyday and the Drying Lotion at night. I will tell you, it was not pretty but within the first 24 hours I was seeing improvement. The lotion was drawing out the fluids and drying out the existing cysts. Any new eruptions were stopped within a few days. The redness increased for a day or so, but then the cysts started to reduce. There was a lot a peeling. Today and I just double checked in the bathroom, I only have a thin layer of the Drying Cream on. No cover-up. The area is light pink, no cysts. I have a few slight bumps were the acne is healing...but my face is clear. I can't describe the relief. I am not a medical professional, so I don't know if this will work for someone else. What I can tell you is that within 2 weeks I went from horrible to clear skin. There is no question that I will be using these products as long as they are available.

Shalane, 25 | Wichita, Kansas | United States (August 24, 2014)
I've never had horrible skin but I never had great skin either. I would get one huge pimple every once in awhile that would get inflamed and last forever! When I moved to Wichita to start my first job, my skin hated it. I'm not sure what the cause was but my skin became absolutely horrible. I was breaking out in places that I've never broken out in before. I tried Mario products after reading about his brand online. I am hooked!!!! I've never used a facial mask before and now I use them weekly. I absolutely love them. I spend hours on his website just looking at all of his products. I want them all!! My face is clear and it glows now. I cannot wait to try the shampoo!

Paula, 30 | Nashville, North Carolina | United States (June 27, 2014)
I have finally found a product that works on my skin! I've struggled with acne for most of my life. And lately I've been struggling for the first time with cystic acne around my chin line. I've tried so may products to no avail. About two months ago I finally purchased Mario Badescu's acne line and I began to see an immediate improvement. The deep, hard to fight acne is shrinking. My dark spots are fading. And my pores are almost non-existent. For the first time in my life I feel like I can leave the house without makeup. I'm loving my new skin!

Samantha, 22 | Sodus, New York | United States (June 12, 2014)
I am in love with these products! My skin has never looked better! I recommend these products to all my family and friends constantly. I have struggled with mild to moderate acne since I was 14. Since then I have tried countless acne systems, products, and prescription cleansers and spot treatment. I was always online trying to find the best rated products. Six months ago, I was fed up with my prescription products that I felt were only making my skin worse. I have been using my Mario Badescu for six months now and my skin has never looked better. My acne is under control, dark spots from acne scars have lightened up, and my skin is just radiant! I no longer feel I need to have make up on to in order to leave the house! Thank you for your natural products that do wonders!

Kayla, 26 | Fort Myers, Florida | United States (May 28, 2014)
Started using Mario Badescu Acne starter kit a couple of months ago. Just like any other acne product it first draws out all of the acne but my skin cleared up so much after a month of usage. I have used several of the different mask and creams and absolutely enjoy all of them. I am happy that the products are natural and good for my skin. I recently found out that there are more promotions and offers when you order through the site directly rather than distributors so I will be using the site more often.

Christina, 20 | Fort Myers , Florida | United States (May 1, 2014)
I have PCOS, which can cause problems with acne and especially under the skin cyst like acne. I am 20 years old and most people my age have grown out of their acne or zits so it was especially frustrating for me that I was dealing with my acne and zits daily. No one really understood my frustration. I had been going to a dermatologist for years and even his topical gels and creams and prescriptions did not do anything for my skin. I came across Mario about 6 months ago, I was skeptical at first because nothing from drug store products to high end creams and gels worked. Until Mario, it has done the most amazing things for my skin. I will never change from Mario products and I'm waiting for them to come up with make up products!

Jessica, 29 | Des Moines, Iowa | United States (April 30, 2014)
I used to be an avid Neutrogena user and thought it was the greatest thing ever Until my sister in law introduced me to Mario! I had acne my whole life and tried it all, dermatologiest visits, Pro-Activ, Neutrogena, etc. THANK YOU MARIO for getting rid of everything acne related on my face and inproving my skin's tone and texture! I bought the Regimine Kit to start and LOVED all the products that came with. I use Mario Enzyme Cleansing Gel twice a day with my Clearsonic brush, than following up with either my Cucumber Cleansing Loation or my Special Cucumber Cleaning Lotion on acne flare ups than follow with the Collengen MOistureizer! I do a flower Tonic Mask twice a week and the Sea Weed night cream too! LOVE LOVE LOVE...if you are strugling with acne, go try it! You will kick youself for not finding out about Mario Bedescu sooner! I wish I could go back to my high school days and do this, i would have flawless skin now at age 29! Great products and customer service!!!

Leah, 32 | Salisbury, North Carolina | United States (April 27, 2014)
I wish that I had discovered Mario Badescu when I was in high school. Instead, because my acne and scarring was so bad, my dermatologist recommended that I go on Accutane - the most terrifying drug I have ever taken. Years after, when a friend gave me a sample of the drying cream, I couldn't believe how well it worked. The best part was that it concealed while it healed. Previously when I had a breakout I would try to cover it with makeup which would then make the breakout worse. I had tried a lot of different acne products, but that drying cream is the best thing I've ever found. I will remain a lifelong customer. And when my children get pimples, I will pass along the miracle to them.

Wendy, 33 | Hercules, California | United States (April 26, 2014)
I had used Proactiv Solution for 13 years and my acne was very much under control I had mild acne. When I turned 33 I upgraded to Proactiv Plus and all of a sudden I started breaking out like never before. I started having sistic acne something I hadn't had before or at least as bad as nowand didn't know what to do, until my niece showed my her Mario Badescu products and really encourage me to try them out. I ordered The Acne Facial Wash, Special Cucumber Lotion, Drying Cream and Buffering Lotion. I started using them and after 4 weeks I could see the difference, but still the acnce wasn't completely gone until I called MB Salon and spoke to a real nice employee who listened to my problem and told me she was sending me samples of the Drying Mask and Healing and Soothing Mask with my latest purchase and to alternate using them one each night for 10 days. After that and ever since my face is clear and radiant. Thank you so much Elena and Mario Badescu!!


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