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Acne Myths Debunked

The array of misinformation floating around about acne is truly incredible. We here at Mario Badescu Skin Care decided to finally take a stand, and debunk the top acne myths.

Food causes acne.

Though many scientific studies have been performed, none have reached conclusive evidence that diet and acne are linked, especially to specific foods like chocolate, pizza and fried foods. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't use moderation when it comes to high fat and low nutrition foods that we all love to indulge in. While occasionally eating french fries or chocolate will not directly cause acne, a overall diet high in fatty foods can stimulate androgens (hormones) and bring on breakouts for some people. There is some suggestion that a link exists between dairy products and acne, but the jury is still out. Bottom line, taking care of your body by eating a healthy, nutritious diet will result in better looking skin.

Poor hygiene causes acne.

Acne is not caused by dirt, and dirty people don’t necessarily have acne. Sure, proper hygiene is a good thing – but it won’t help clear up your skin. Most acne is caused by hormones, not hygiene!

You should pop pimples.

Absolutely not! Not only will popping pimples not speed up the healing process, it will actually slow it down! Popping a pimple will cause the zit to stay around longer, as it will be pushed further down into the skin. Moreover, pimple popping can cause the skin to permanently scar!

Acne just needs to “run its course”.

Like most diseases (yes, acne is a cosmetic disease), acne requires treatment. Acne may never be cured, but it certainly can be controlled and have its effects minimized. Don’t delay acne treatment. Starting on a proper, personalized acne treatment regimen can keep breakouts under control, prevent acne scars, and promote clear skin for life.

Getting a tan helps acne.

No, it really doesn’t. Some people think that getting a tan helps treat acne, or make it less visible. Getting a tan will really just irritate, dry up, burn, and prematurely age your skin – and you’ll still have the acne to boot! Treat acne properly – and don’t forget to wear sunscreen any time you are outside.