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Lisa's Mario Badescu Acne Treatment Explained

Using Mario Badescu products, Lisa was able to clear up her acne in just 5 weeks. Find out how she did it!







Q: How did you hear about Mario Badescu? Why did you decide to try our products?
A: I discovered the seaweed night cream in my auntsí medicine cabinet when staying over her house. I used it because it said it was perfect for skin prone to acne and clogging. At the time I had my first massive outbreak and every moisturizing cream I used made it worse and it was so painful I could hardly sleep at night. The seaweed night cream soothed the pain of the blemishes and my skin had a glow for the first time since the break out when I woke up the next morning. I then decided to check your website and saw that you had one of your skin care specialists visiting a boutique not to far from my parents. I made an appointment and set out for a weekend visit to my parents and the rest is history.

Q: What was your acne like before you started using Mario Badescu?
A: My face was full of acne on both cheeks.

Q: What is your skin type?
A: I have mostly normal skin and at times a combination of dry and oily.

Q: What acne regimen did you decide to use? Describe it in detail.
A: Your skin care specialist set me up with the seaweed face wash, cucumber cleansing lotion, seaweed night cream, drying cream for day, buffering lotion for night, rose water spritz and the flower and tonic face mask. She recommended mineral make-up to put over the drying cream since I have an olive skin tone.

Q: How quickly did you start to see results?
A: I saw results within the first week

Q: Did your acne clear up? Are you satisfied with the results you have seen?
A: My acne completely cleared up, with over 50 pimples on my face only one would return now and then which was the norm for me prior to my breakout and my skin has a glow that I did not have before using Mario Badescu products, so the result was better skin than I had before.

Q: What other skin care lines have you used to try and resolve your acne issue?
A: I tried possibly everything over the counter from Clearisil to Clean and Clear, Proactive, Cetaphil, Clinique, Neutrogena, natural remedies and even online disasters like Bella Clear (which made my skin worse)

Q: Have you been to a dermatologist? If so, any oral or topical prescriptions? Did they work at all?
A: Yes, I finally went to a dermatologist at the request of my endocrinologist since the cause of my acne was believed to be health related and I have hormonal health issues. The dermatologist asked me how I got my skin to clear up on itsí own so well and I told her about your products. She then prescribed me a topical cream to put on in the morning in addition to my normal MB regime to prevent another breakout and prescribed Tazorac to put on at night to help with the scarring I had caused earlier on from popping pimples. Iíve been using these since April 2009 along with Mario Badesu cleansers, toner, creams, exfoliators and face masks and have been using Mario Badescu alone since August 2008. Since my skin was already clear I canít say much about the Duac but the Tazorac has helped with the pock marks and scarring.

Q: What sites have you visited to find out more about acne and how to get rid of?
A: I went to many unknown sites through a google search, including natural remedy sites, Proactive, Bella Clear.

Q: How much money did you spend on other acne lines? (if you used any)
A: I probably spent about and possibly even more than $500 before converting to Mario Badescu.

Q: Do you find Mario Badescu Skin Care to be affordable compared to other skin care lines?
A: Yes, itís worth every penny and very affordable. Those who are attached to the popular over counter products and are weary of spending more than $6, should know that Iíve tried it all and Mario Badescu products go a long way and more importantly are effective and healthier for the skin. I use my products every day and each product lasts at least 3 months and up to 6 and the results are incomparable to that of any other product Iíve used. This is coming from a struggling student and former product junkie, Iíve stopped at Mario Badescu and have not only saved my skin but have saved myself a ton of money!