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Where Does Psoriasis Affect the Skin?

Patches typically occur on the scalp, elbows and knees, but can appear anywhere on the body – joints, folds of skin, the stomach and chest, palms and soles of the feet. Common spots on the face include the eyelids, ears, and mouth/nose area.

    Hands & Feet

    Flare-ups should be treated promptly regardless of location, but take special care in those that occur on the hands and feet. Because these are the parts of the body subjected to the greatest amount of contact and abrasion, psoriasis symptoms will easily worsen. Flare-ups may be accompanied by swelling and blisters.

    To Treat: Your dermatologist may recommend or prescribe traditional, topical treatments for the hands and soles of your feet. These include tar, salicylic acid, and costicosteroids. Also recommended for home treatment are use of moisturizers and mild, non-soap cleansers.


      Change and disfiguration of nails can occur in 50% of people with psoriasis. Of those with psoriatic arthritis, however, the chances of seeing symptoms in the nails increase to 80%. Pitting – development of shallow to deep holes in the nail, thickening, alteration and deformation of normal shape, onychloysis – the separation of the actual nail from its nail – and yellow-brown discoloration

      To Treat: Carefully trim your nails as short as possible to prevent any accidental scratching or self-injury to the skin.


    Facial psoriasis affects the hairline, upper forehead, eyebrows and the skin beneath the nose and above the lip. Symptoms on the face, if mild, may read as dry to extremely dry skin when it is actually a serious condition.


      The eyelids are usually affected the most. As scales flake off, they cover the lashes and the edges of eyelids become crusty and red from irritation.; if left untreated for long periods of time, inflammation may turn the rims of the eyes upward or downward. If the latter, lashes will chafe the eyeballs and cause further irritation.
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