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Causes of Psoriasis

While the exact cause of psoriasis remains unknown, researchers and doctors alike have come to an understanding that there is a connection to the immune system. It is believed that the immune system is somehow mistakenly triggered, thus accelerating skin cell growth. Doctors believe that emotional trauma serves as that trigger. Common in a majority of patients is that each was subjected to recent emotional trauma before the onslaught of psoriasis; doctors believe it to be no coincidence.

What is known, however, is that genetics play a major role in the development of psoriasis. Approximately 10% of the general population inherits the genes that make them predisposed to psoriasis; but of the 10%, only 1-3% actually develops the disease.

Still, psoriasis is not strictly genetic. It must be prompted by the presence of those specific genes as well as externalities in order to prompt the disease to surface.

Externalities, ranging from emotional stress to streptococcal infection, can either psoriasis episodes or further aggravate existing conditions. Other triggers include injury to the skin and bodily reactions to current medications, topical and internal.

    Who is more Prone to Having Psoriasis?

    Again, genetics play a major role in determining whether or not an individual is predisposed to developing psoriasis.

    Psoriasis is, however, founded to be more severe in individuals with weakened immune systems – conceding well with the idea that psoriasis and the immune system are linked.

    Triggers of Psoriasis

    Psoriasis “attacks” – similar to other skin conditions like Eczema, Couperose and Rosacea where flare-ups are caused by an externality – require the presence of a trigger. Symptoms are more difficult to treat at this time; therefore, it is advised that these particular triggers are avoided to prevent any additional discomfort:

    • Stress
    • Bacterial/viral infections (i.e., strep throat and upper respiratory infections)
    • Dry air
    • Dry skin
    • Injury to the skin
    • Too little sunlight exposure
    • Sunburn
    • Alcohol in excess
    • Cold, winter season
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