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Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader's
Official Skin Care Line

There's a reason these lovely ladies of The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders wear stars.
That's because they are STARS!
Mario Badescu Skin Care has been selected as the Official Skincare provider for the world renowned squad. "Our Cheerleaders, like women everywhere, recognize the importance of clear, radiant, healthy skin. With their hectic schedules of full-time jobs, or college classes, photo shoots, appearances, performances and rehearsals it's particularly important that they take proper care of their bodies and health.", said Kelli Finglass, Director. "After talking with a number of different companies offering skin care products, we have invited Mario Badescu to join our team because we were particularly impressed with their sophisticated approach to skin care and their extensive line of products which combine natural ingredients with advanced technology. We strive for our Squad to represent a cross section of American women. Different looks, different styles, different types - and that means different skin care requirements. Mario Badescu brings with them over 200 products for all skin types as well as an in-house staff dedicated to setting up customized skin care regimens for each of their clients. Quite simply, we believe in their quality, we believe they care, and we believe they are a valuable partner in our overall effort to maintain the trend-setting excellence of "America's Sweethearts".

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have grown from their 1972 beginnings into the most famous cheerleaders in the world. While still perhaps best known for their trademark high kicks and routines during Dallas Cowboys football games, the group has reached well beyond the sidelines. Nationally televised halftime shows; annual clinics, camps and competitions for kids; hundreds of personal appearances and performances all across the country; personal visits with patients and residents of children's hospitals, veteran's hospitals and nursing homes; and, having made more USO overseas trips in support of America's soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Guardsmen than any other entertainers over the last quarter of a century (currently 57) is just a sampling of the diverse and worthwhile activities of "America's Sweethearts". For more information visit the Cheerleaders pages at www.dallascowboys.com

The Mario Badescu name has been known for personalized, all-natural skin care treatments and products for more than 35 years. Growing from a small facility into a 36 room salon and day spa, they have always been one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry. Their clientele is not only made up of many actors and supermodels, but thousands of men and women who realize the importance of good skin care. For complete information visit www.mariobadescu.com
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