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Symptoms of Eczema

Common Symptoms of Eczema

Eczema typically causes dry, discolored – often reddened – skin that leads to itching or burning. The degree of seriousness, discomfort, and appearance varies from person to person according to their specific type. However, all individuals share similar conditions, suffering from dry skin, dry patches, and flare-ups.

This oftentimes intense itching leads to development of rashes (perhaps even blisters and oozing patches) on the face, hands, feet, and knees. Affected areas appear dry, thickened, and scaly. On fair-skinned individuals, patches first appear reddish before turning brown. Eczema affects the pigmentation of those with darker complexions, either turning these areas lighter or darker.

Though any region of the body is susceptible to symptoms of eczema, eczema usually occurs on the face, neck, and on the skin around joints of the body.

What's the difference?

Dry Skin and Dry Patches:

Dry skin is characterized by rough texture throughout the body; when you run your fingers across your skin, you are most likely able to see and feel tiny white bumps.

Dry patches, however, are scattered regions that affect any region of the body. These specific areas of dry skin are often scaly and white. What are "Flare-Ups?”

The degree and frequency of “flare-ups,” again, vary between individuals. Every so often, patches of the skin become especially irritated, appearing red, raised, and sometimes slightly oozing. These generally occur where skin creases (inside the elbow and behind the knees), but may also affect the neck, wrist, and hands.

Flare-ups are associated with even more intense itching, and are a response to coming into contact with rough materials or surfaces, extreme temperature, and exposure to certain household contacts and common allergens.

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