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How to Control Acne Breakouts

General Acne Treatment

Although we here at Mario Badescu Skin Care are huge proponents of personalized acne treatment, there are a few products that work effectively to help control acne in almost everyone’s regimen, regardless of skin type.

Anti-Acne Serum Anti-Acne Serum

A powerful blend of natural ingredients makes this a must have for acne sufferers. Thyme extract incorporates antibacterial and antiseptic properties, while salicylic acid helps to dissolve dead skin cells and pore clogging debris that remain trapped on the skin. This serum will improve the look and feel of your skin and keep eruptions at bay. Apply a thin layer overnight to clean skin on acne prone areas.

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Acne Facial Cleanser Acne Facial Cleanser

Soothe acne irritated skin while deep cleaning clogged pores. Aloe vera gel and chamomile extract repair, soften and heal your complexion, while thyme extract and salicylic acid exfoliate and disinfect. Hyaluronic acid is added to help further maintain the skin natural moisture balance. Massage gently on wet skin and massage for 60 seconds before rinsing off. May be used twice daily.

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Acne Repair Kit Acne Repair Kit

Complete your entire acne regimen by using our acne repair kit. This kit contains our world famous Drying Lotion, Drying Cream and Buffering Lotion all in one package. Take control of your acne before it takes control of you.

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Controlling Sporadic Breakouts in Oily Areas

Occasionally, areas of your face can become excessively oily due to over-active sebaceous glands, usually in the forehead and chin area. Due to this over-production of oils, small pimples can form in the area. These pimples are neither whiteheads nor cystic acne. Often they appear as little bumps under the skin.

Drying Cream Drying Cream

Our Drying Cream is a gentle topical drying agent that targets these small bumps. Because these bumps appear due to excessive oil production, the Drying Cream absorbs and disinfects the affected areas without being too abrasive to the delicate skin.

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