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Psoriasis Treatment

As of now, neither a cure nor definite means of prevention has been found. However, medical treatment is available at the recommendation of or prescription from a doctor. The goal of treatment is to help control symptoms and prevent infections. Three general options are currently available:
    1. Topical medications. Lotions, ointments, creams, shampoo, etc. Common medications include: Cortisone Creams and ointments, emollients containing coal tar or anthralin, and creams with salicyclic acid or lactic acid to remove scaling, dandruff shampoo, moisturizers, and prescription medication with Vitamin D or A.
    2. Body-wide (Systematic) medications. Pills and injections.
    3. Phototherapy. A light treatment to help relieve symptoms and reduce appearance of thickened patches and scales.
Relief can start at home Ė read our section on How to Avoid Psoriasis Flare-Ups & Further Aggravating Skin for more information.