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Jennifer, 31 | Palatka, Florida | United States (March 28, 2015)
Oh my goodness Mario Badescu you have NO idea how much I LOVE you for these products! I am 31 years old have suffered with the worst combination skin for the last 17 years, with it worsening with age. I have tried everything from over the counter,behind the counter, prescriptions, both internal external somethings would work for a period of time only to plateau within weeks. So when I received this product I had little hope, BUT I was pleasantly surprised when my skin started to glow like never before. And my usual greasy morning face was a creamy,rose color, that I hadn't seen since... we'll forever!! My Grandmother used to comment on my pretty alabaster skin, but it dissapeared years ago. Thanks to you its back!!

Erica, 34 | Houston, Texas | United States (August 26, 2012)
I started using this skin line about a month ago - and I've only used his products - and I must say my face looks great. I have combination skin with very little acne, but wanted something just to make it look more balanced and even. My favorite product is the flower tonic masque - I use it several times a week and see results almost instantly.

Vannie Lee, 24 | Hamburg, New Jersey | United States (April 30, 2012)
After discovering Mario Badescu, it's hard to stray away. I've used a ton of moisturizers for my combination oily sensitive skin. Mario Badescu is the only one that REALLY works for it. I don't really go too heavy with my skin care. Just an MB moisturizer, and every so often a mask and an exfoliator. A suggestion to Mario Badescu though, Make a BB Cream. I strongly believe, that customers will come running for it.

Jamie, 44 | Brooklyn, New York | United States (December 16, 2006)
Dear Mario, I am so glad I found a product that works well on combo skin like mine. Before now I was spending much much more on products that does'nt make my skin look as clear, pores toned and smooth as your line and my friends think I look much younger than I am. I feel good about myself, I truly appreciate your products.And your staff is excellent with their recommendations.

Pat, 41 | n/a, New York | United States (December 14, 2006)
I am so impressed with Mario Badescu's products, that I am now a convert. I had been looking for a skincare line that would address the needs of my combination skin and help me battle the resent onset of adult acne. The online consultation pinpointed the appropriate products for me and were spot-on. I tried all my samples and wound up purchasing full sizes of nearly everything. My favorites are the Enzyme Cleansing Gel, the Drying Cream, and the Collagen Moisturizer, but there are other wonderful products that I am sampling and will likely buy. MB is generous with their samples, has awesome customer service, and the prices are very affordable for salon products. There's something for everyone at Mario Badescu, and my skin looks amazing!