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Walter, 52 | Syracuse , New York | United States (June 25, 2015)
I always try best high or low brand products that help my skin with pimples and oily skin and I don't mind to pay any amount if I think the product will help my skin to look and feel better and nothing work. Until now this products are made a big difference in my skin, not only that, this product are natural, they smell great, they feel great, they don't irritate or break your skin out. You can spend hundreds of dollars with other brands we know well, but I did not see any difference and finally, I love the fact that we get samples I can try. Thanks Mario

leslie, 47 | ofallon, Missouri | United States (May 31, 2015)
I just tried my samples OMG they are wonderful and the buttermilk moisturizer is the bomb it left my face smooth the smell is great too I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS. Thanks again

Carol, 64 | Charleston, South Carolina | United States (April 29, 2015)
Your Cucumber Cleansing Lotion is awesome. Watched a youtube and the person mentioned this lotion concerning tiny pimples that form on face for no reason, kind of like whiteheads but much smaller. She said it will take them away and she was right. After about a month mine are gone. I have a Clarisonic, but it did not help these pimples. Thank you so much for you wonderful products.

Katie, 34 | Old Town, Maine | United States (March 24, 2015)
I just HAD to write a review for this company! Not only am I completely impressed with how my skin looks and feels after just a week of using my customized samples from Mario Badescu, but the customer service I have recieved is so genuine! When my sample regimen came in the mail, I was so excited, but I noticed the hyaluronic eye cream was not with the samples, as it was supposed to be. I called and spoke with a very sincere lady. She assured me that she would have the eye cream sample sent right out. Sure enough! It has been only a few days since I spoke with her, and my eye cream sample is here today!!! Thank you all so very much. I have been waiting for ordered samples from other companies for over six weeks, and Mario Badescu is the ONLY company whos samples I recieved quickly and at ALL! They are incredible and I will recommend them to everyone!

Sharrie, 45 | Roseville, California | United States (March 23, 2015)
Hey all … I have been using Mario Badescu for quite sometime now. Was turned on to it through Ulta from a worker there who SWORE by it and now, I do!! I use MANY products in their anti-aging line and LOVE LOVE LOVE how it makes my face look and feel and get MANY compliments on how YOUNG I look so THANK YOU Mario for your line of product!! I'm HOOKED for LIFE!! <3

Karina, 39 | New Orleans, Louisiana | United States (March 22, 2015)
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service and sampling program. I have been using and loving! your Enzyme Gel Cleanser for a while now, and thanks to the recent samples I received, am now planning on purchasing your Collagen Moisturizer, Seaweed Night Cream and Glycolic Eye Cream as well. I was delighted that along with the very generous samples, you sent detailed instructions describing exactly when and how to use each product that was recommended for me. There isn't another skin care line that I've encountered that pays such personal attention to customers.Not even ones that cost three times as much! And oh yeah...after just four days using the regimen you recommended, I swear my skin already feels smoother and looks brighter!

Nicole, 33 | Nj, New Jersey | United States (March 10, 2015)
I bought the skin brightening kit from ulta. I have issues with dark spotsmelesma under my eyes, on forehead and lip. This has drastically changed my skin within a week!! I have wasted hundreds of dollars on pretty much every product Dermatology treatments. This has worked the BEST for me.

Bronwyn, 31 | Melbourne, Australia | International (March 8, 2015)
My skin was so abysmal I was scared to leave the house, let alone the poor confidence of being in my 30s and having acne. I stumbled across a review and bought one product, now I think I own all. I was in such a state of despair that this company helped lift and I wanted to say my thanks. Usually products state what they can do and never live up to that potential

Charla, 39 | Milford, Massachusetts | United States (March 6, 2015)
I have mild to can get a little crazy psoriasis and started using the Super Rich Olive Body Lotion, and I could not believe the difference in my psoriasis...OVERNIGHT! Forget the coal tar, any other lotions. My daughter has dry skin and she loves this product too! This is the ABSOLUTE BEST lotion for my whole body. Soft and can feel my skin hydrate. Thank you so much for making this lotion.

Elyza, 21 | Memphis, Tennessee | United States (March 5, 2015)
I have tried so manny products to try help my dull dry skin and nothing was working for me. Then I watched many Youtubers talk about Mario Badescu so I decided to try it out myself. My first purchase was the collagen mask and the hydrating serum. I fell in love. My skin drank the serum up and after two days it wasn't dry anymore. The mask really helped tighten my skin a bit and brighten it to give a natural glow. I have made more purchases and my skin has never looked and felt this amazing.