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Roma, 32 | Baltimore, Maryland | United States (April 17, 2014)
After having my baby my skin totally changed from being perfect to really dry, itchy and breakouts..Thanks to MB for wonderful products that really targets the problem skin feels so rejuvenated,:- awesome products.

sarah, 29 | vernon, Canada | International (January 17, 2011)
When i found out i was pregnant my acne went full blown. With little to choose from not being able to use my acne prescriptions. I ordered the buffering lotion, drying mask and strawberry face scrub with my doctors consent. Within a week i was onto clear skin which put a smile back on my face. Thank you so much never again will go back to using prescriptions.

Serina, 35 | san antonio, Texas | United States (April 16, 2007)
I am in my 38th week of pregnancy. Today my obgyn commented how beautiful my skin looked on my belly which is ever expanding. I have to thank your muscle oil. About a month ago I started to really feel the stretch of my skin and my stomach was constantly itching. I ordered your muscle oil and found amazing results. Not only did I feel a warm sensation but I got instant relief. Thanks to your product I have been blessed with wonderful itch free skin and do not have to worry about any stretch marks.

stacey, 28 | port monmouth, New Jersey | United States (January 26, 2007)
I never had acne until i had my son. the doctor had noticed and instead of sending me to a dermatologist she decided to play as one unfortunately with my skin. everything she had prescribed only made it worse when it was really bad to begin with. it had irrated my skin soo much i was deeply embarassed. so i tried proactive didn't work, tried noxema, didn't work, only made it worse after realizing it was because im allergic to the fragrances they put in it i started searching everywhere. i saw an add in allure magazine for the miracle pink stuff i tried it not only did it dry up white heads it did not irrate and cause new acne. so i tried another product and another and will never try another brand again. all the products are the kind of quality my skin needs and deserves. i only wish i had started using your products sooner.

Marcie, 25 | Macon, Georgia | United States (August 19, 2006)
When I got pregnant my face started breaking out horribly in the "hormonal zone" (as my doctor told me.) There are so many products that CAN'T be used when pregnant. When I was told about Mario Badescu's all natural line, I went online to check it out. My samples arrived and within 2 days my face is so much better! And best of all, it's safe for my baby. I've tried everything out there....prescription and non prescription. I am thrilled to have finally found something that makes my face look great again! I'm even ordering some stuff for my husband! THANK YOU!!!