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andrea, 35 | mermentau, Louisiana | United States (October 3, 2011)
I have used 'Proactiv' for about 5 years and I was always wondering why my skin did not look and feel better! After tryin my free samples of 'Mario Badescu' I am convinced I have been using the wrong product! My skin showed dramatic improvement in the first week!!! I love how I had a regime designed just for my skin! Great product!!!

lauren, 25 | clifton park, New York | United States (March 8, 2011)
For the past 12 years I've had severe acne... to the point where I had tried everything including accutance, retin a, laser, proactiv etc. My uncle is a dermatologist and I was willing to try ANYTHING. By some miracle, I came across Mario Badescu on and said it was worth a shot. My face has never looked better and my uncle can't believe it. I am so grateful for these products!

Emerson, 14 | Cary, North Carolina | United States (September 11, 2010)
Ever since I was in second grade I have had acne. I cant think of a time when I didnt. I have used a LOT of stuff such as Neutrogena, Clean Clear, Differin, it and ive done it. My sister introduced me to MB and i feel more confident about myself. thank you mario!

Jennifer, 28 | Los Angeles, California | United States (March 15, 2010)
I have used MB products for the last 2 months and my skin never looked better. I've been to the dermatologist for my acne prone skin and none of the medicine prescribed worked for me. My last resort was Accutane but after hearing so many bad side effects from it I decided not to go that route. I decided to try out MB products after I've seen videos of it on YouTube. I've tried all sorts of over the counter acne products and none of those worked so I gave MB a try. I love their acne cleanser, glycolic cleanser, enzyme cleansing gel, cucumber lotion, glycolic grapefruit lotion, drying mask, buffering lotion, special healing powder, anti-acne serum, drying lotion, oil free moisturizer, and their whitening mask. I have spent so much money on dermatologist visits and buying prescription medications, but MB products are such a great deal compared to going to a dermatologist. I will be a lifetime customer, thank you Mario Badescu!

Leeanne, 46 | Renton, Washington | United States (February 22, 2010)
I have been frustrated with sensitive, red blotchy dry skin as a side effect of prescription medications. I decided to try the MB anti-redness kit and had noticeable results in 2 days. My skin's not dry and the redness is significantly reduced. It feels soft and my makeup goes on much nicer now. I think I am hooked. I love the free samples and the prices are very reasonable. I'm so happy I found these products...and so is my skin.

emily, 21 | medford, New York | United States (April 21, 2007)
i just love these products.I've used it in less than a week and my face changed drastically.Enzyme cleansing gel is great and I love the free samples.So many products- dont know which to choose!!!!!love it. Best skincare line.I tried Lancome,Boscia,Claudaile,Juvena,Neutrogena,Cetaphil,DDF/Peter Thomas Roth,Murad,Pat Wexler,C.O. Bigelow,and PROACTIVE!!!!This feels great.Not to many ingredients,it's simple,and affordable.

Leny, 27 | Covina, California | United States (April 16, 2007)
DON'T GIVE UP JUST YET. Try this product if you have had unsucessful treatments with: accutane, proactive, all the acne products sold over the counter, antibiotics(by mouth and topical), seen two different dermatologists, had endless painful facials (that make you cry), and if you've spent more than $1600.00 on acne products from facial places. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! Hopefully your acne is not as bad as mine (more than twenty pimples/day- cystic white heads and deep painful pimples). If it is, try this. I ordered the free samples and received it the next week. After two-three days all the pimples were dry. Of course I had the blemishes still, but they could be covered with makeup. Its been about a month now. Even through my period, my skin stayed clear... I'm still getting used to smiling without any pain in my face, and being able to pinch my cheeks and not feel any pimple pain! Well, the products I am using are: botanical facial gel, aha ceramide moisturizer, drying mask, buffering lotion, drying lotion. In addition to their recommendations I bought the special cleansing lotion "C". After washing with the gel, applying cleansing lotion "C" and the aha moisterizer-I initially used the drying lotion to dry up the active pimples. Now that my skin has no pimples to apply the drying lotion to; I have been putting the drying mask on over night (every other night). I follow the above regimen-but after the moisterizer I put the buffering lotion then the mask.Be sure to sleep on a clean towel or your pillow will get dirty fast!! In addition to this regimen I cut back on eating eggs, icecream, milk and cheese. I don't know whats really helping me-but I dont want to stop what I am doing to find out!!

Susan, 44 | Asheville, North Carolina | United States (March 21, 2007)
I have the Couperose condition on my cheeks that makes me uncomfortable and the need or desire to cover it up with make-up. I heard about this line on the Martha Stewart show and in looking into it I saw they had products to combat the condition. It's been just three weeks and I really have seen a difference. I've tried the laser treatments and they didn't work. I believe they made it worse. I just am so impressed, I had to tell my story. No before and after photos. I just can't brag enough though. I see the difference.

Robin, 33 | Gainesville, Georgia | United States (March 20, 2007)
I have suffered with severe acne for years, and have tried proactiv and every other thing that came out to try and clear up my skin. Not only did these products fail miserably but they dried up my skin. I received samples of your products and LOVED them. My face looks better than it has in 20 years, and more than that it feels great. My face was always red, irritated, and painful, but not anymore. I have a glow to my skin that I never thought was possible. I am completely addicted to your products. I could never thank you enough Mario for making products that not only work, but that real women can afford. I hear alot of testimonials on your facial products, but I feel people should know that your body products are just as amazing. The raspberry body scrub is absolutely scrumptious. It really helps me unwind and feel like I am doing something great for my skin. I am most definately a customer for life!!!! You have not only helped my skin, but you have enriched my life. I am a cosmetologist and my clients are always complementing how great my skin looks now, and I am all too happy to let them in on my secret of Mario Badescu. Thank you so much Mario, and may God bless you for helping so many people without bankrupting us!!

Kristi, 34 | Birmingham, Alabama | United States (March 1, 2007)
First, I want to say that I have tried almost everything (Proactive, Exposed Skin Care, BeautiControl, Shanaz Hussain, Clayton Shagal.. just to name a few). They were either too expensive, stopped working, had little affect, or all of the above. I have overly sensitive skin (if I INHALE perfume, I break out, much less have something on my face). It's never been really bad acne, but enough to be bothersome & at 34, I thought for sure I'd never have to deal with it after my teen years. So, I found myself battling, not only acne, but the signs of aging too. I had seen your products in magazines & decided to try it. When I went to your website I was amazed at the number of products you offer! After reading some of the testimonies & about your products, I placed a fairly large order. I received the products on Tuesday, a day that I had more than usual breakouts. I immediately went home & started using your products. By Tuesday night, there was only a trace of what had been there earlier that day and by Thursday, my skin was COMPLETELY CLEAR!! Not only that, but it's soft, those fine lines around my eyes are gone, and my skin is glowing! I love your products! I also want to thank you for your product packaging. I was pleased to see that you used easy to use, clean & simple, no frills packaging. I feel like I'm FINALLY paying for the contents, not the jar it came in - which is rare with other manufacturers. I just ordered more for my mom, sister & boyfriend too. If you are thinking about buying but not sure, maybe you think these testimonies are too good to be true, and I understand - I'm a natural skeptic. But, I am a real life, 34 yo woman with a 15 yo son and this is the best skin care product I have ever purchased. You have a customer for life! Thanks MB!!