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Jane, 71 | Peabody, Massachusetts | United States (June 5, 2015)
I have become a loyal customer because of product quality and excellent customer service Badescu provides. The purity of the ingredients and the common-sense marketing makes this line a star in my opinion. Rosacea, adult acne have always been a problem but in just a matter of months, I have experienced a wonderful difference in my skin. I have been loyal to high-end treatment lines in the past with nowhere near the results I am seeing with Badescu products in just a few months of use. Bravo and continue the good work! You deserve your loyal customer base.

Melanie, 47 | Las Cruces, New Mexico | United States (June 15, 2014)
After trying two different types of treatments for rosacea, MB products have won me over! I saw a dramatic improvement in just one day! So far, I am loving the products because they have all natural ingredients that are treating my skin well. I live in the harsh New Mexico desert, so I need something that will keep my rosacea in check, along with providing me with a good moisturizer. Thank you MB, I will be back for more!

Cheryl, 46 | Kenosha, Wisconsin | United States (January 4, 2014)
I just got my first order of MZB products. I am blown away at the difference that I see in my rosacea and raised bumps after just one use! I will be getting many more products! The products are also priced so reasonably! AMAZING!!!

Stephanie, 30 | Elkton, Maryland | United States (December 18, 2013)
I feel like I had tried everything to help me deal with my rosacea. It is only on one spot the apple of my right cheek, but when it is red, it is red. The skin was always extremely dry and flakey. I started using the Chamomile cleanser lotion and loved it. I ordered Kera moisterizor and it is exactly what my skin needed! I use a small amount at night and then again in the morning and within a week dry skin gone! I use the Keratoplast soap about everyother day it it is amazing. I will be a lifelong consumer of these products.

Mary, 52 | Lafayette, New Jersey | United States (October 29, 2013)
I first tried your products on a recommendation from a sales associate at the Ulta store in Rockaway NJ. I was looking for something that would help with a form of rosacea I had. Since then I will use nothing else on my skin!!! Your products are wonderful.....they do what they say they will do and more! I have tried many other items since the first one I used and have been very happy with them all. I have recently tried the hair products and love them too!! Thank you for making affordable 'high end' products.

kathryn, 49 | charlotte, North Carolina | United States (September 15, 2013)
I have rosacea, but with calma mask it is not visible anymore! I use the temporary lifting mask weekly, the calma mask each evening . The texture of my skin has changed dramatically and the rosacea has lost its redness and I am less prone to environmental triggers as well. The products are amazing, the packaging no fuss and I can actually afford it as well!! My skin looks clear and youthful after just two weeks of use. After the first use I could see a difference. I never want to be without it again. I use the cellufirm moisture in the AM before my makeup, and I honestly need far less makeup than I ever thought possible. I have fun playing with eye shadow now rather than trying to camoflauge the raised, rough red skin. I will be exploring the line further but am forever now a customer!!

Shannon, 18 | Nevada, Texas | United States (July 18, 2013)
Definitely did the trick for rosacea. I had always thought I just had acne before a lady from Ulta told me that it looks more like rosacea and recommended this product. Completely worked almost right away, my skin feels amazing and healthy. I even get compliments for how soft and smooth it looks. What used to be one my biggest vulnerability is now my favorite physical trait about myself! : Thanks Mario Badescu!

cristina, 62 | chestnut ridge, New York | United States (February 19, 2013)
I have rosacea for the past 5 years, after many visits to the dermatologist, I decided to user the rosacea products from Mario Badescu,My skin is 100% better now I do recomend this products if you have rosacea. thank you for this wonderful products.

Jessica, 18 | Richmond, North Carolina | United States (December 30, 2012)
My face tends to get very, very red.if I am in a warm room, my face is red. If I am embarrassed I will turn red. And then I get the "Your face is red!" comment, which makes me blush even more. Once a mean girl at school laughed at it. My face was starting to mess up my self esteem. I couldn't use makeup to cover it up because I am not allowed to. Dad didn't know what to do, Google had no answer, and I was stuck with a red face. Then I remembered someone-Mom. She had a similar condition, so I asked her what she used. She told me that she used Mario Badescu, and ordered me some products. Now my face is beautiful, and I still blush a little, but nowhere near as much as I used to. Mario Badescu also cleared up my pimples and the strange bumps on my face! Thank you so much for giving me confidence!

Emily, 32 | Nesconset, New York | United States (November 27, 2012)
No matter what, whenever I decide to wash my face at night which I am sad to say does not always happen and apply the chamomile night cream before bed, I wake up and my skin always looks soft, more moisturized, and most of all, it calms the redness down almost entirely. I probably have rosacea, and my nose and cheeks can get pretty bad. This night cream does the trick, even if my skin is uneven the night before! Magical things in there. I hope they never stop making it. Now that i see they have chamomile eye cream, i'm going to need to try that as well.