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Melissa Bergen, 47 | Eden Praire, Minnesota | United States
I have had rosacea for many years but the last 4 have been really frustrating because along with my pink face, I would have developed super dry flaky skin that intensifies from October - May, or as long as our furnace is on. Last April I was shopping for a moisturizer for my skin type when I saw your product line for the first time. I had never seen a rosacea product mention dry flaky skin and yours did. I bought 3 products in that line and have been thrilled with the results. No more flakes. I can't tell you how happy I have been with my moisturized skin. When I turned on the furnace last fall I said here's the real test. Heats been on for 4 months and my skin still looks great.

Kate, 30 | Sydney, Australia | International
For starters I have always had problem skin around my chin and had blackheads my whole life. Also I have keratosis Polaris on my upper arms which has caused me significant stress over the years. In May this year 2012 I was in Kit Cosmetics here in Australia and was recommended to try your range. I was prepared to pay heaps as I've had nothing but trouble with my skin and wanted it fixed once and for all. I started with the seaweed cleansing soap, the almond and honey scrub, grapefruit toner and the buttermilk moisturizer. Well my mum saw me about 2 months after and she couldn't believe how good my skin looked. She said ti was by far the best she had ever seen it. My face looks better than it ever has, the keratosis on my upper arms is fading finally and I'm happy in my skin for the first time since I can remember. I've converted so many people over here to your range and they all can't believe how good the products are! Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back and I can't wait to try all the new products that I just received. In the picture I'm in the middle and only have very little foundation on and there are no bumps or anything in sight.

amanda, 27 | braselton, Georgia | United States
Ive been using Mario Badescu seaweed night cream and hyaluronic eye cream ad absolutely love it I can see a big difference in my pores, My skins look refreshed, softer and youthful. Thank mario

Shane, 25 | Toronto, Canada | International
I have extremely problematic skin - as in, if I don't wash it one night, I'm bound to have a few pimples sneak up by the next day. As an aspiring actor that was a big problem for me. An image consultant recommended that I try Mario Badescu "Drying Lotion". I was skeptical, because over the course of ten years I had tried EVERYTHING - from the very expensive to the cheap stuff. I decided to give a chance, and was happy to also get samples of the drying cream, honey moisturizer, and botanical facial gel. To my surprise the image consultant wasn't exaggerating! In ONE DAY I was saw results and now my acne is completely under control. My skin looks great, I look younger, and I have way more confidence when going into an audition. and, as an added bonus, the cost doesn't come near to what I paid for for acne treatments in the past! Thanks so much Mario Badescu!

Melissa, 33 | Toronto, Canada | International
I have had eczema around my eyes and mouth for years that I could not ease without the regular use of prescription gels and creams. I started using the Vitamin C serum on the rest of my face regularly and knew what an incredible difference it made in my complexion brighter even skin tone, softer skin, clear complexion, hydrated - happy skin. I read an article about eczema which encouraged hydration by any means necessary so I tried the serum around my eyes - THey were completely healed in a matter of days. No stinging, no irritation, and it has never come back because I use the serum daily. I just couldn't believe it - i've suffered for over 10 years with this! and just like that it was gone. My fiance always brags about how beautiful I am and I don't wear a drop of makeup. Thank You!

Gina, 43 | LA JOLLA, California | United States
My daughter gave me a 16oz bottle of the enzyme cleansing gel. I was not expecting much. To my surprise I ended absolutely loving this product. Not to mention this high quality cleanser is an amazing deal for the quantity you get. My face feels like I have had a facial after one use. I recently ran out of the cleanser and started using another high end product. It was ok at best. It was not until I purchased MB enzyme cleanser again did I realize what I had been missing. I guess I was taking it for granted.I am sold for life!!! This last month I have been back to using the product I have been carded three times. Unbelievable! Also one of my girlfriends asked me what I have been using because she said my skin looked amazing!! I can't imagine if I used the full line. At the moment I am only using the cleanser. Keep up the good work MB!!!

Alexis, 16 | albert lea, Minnesota | United States
I started getting acne when i was 15 years old. I would break out really bad on my cheeks my chin. The first mario badescu product i bought was the 'Drying Lotion' for pimples. I saw a difference the first night i used it im on my 3rd bottle. It truely does shrink the pimple over night by the second night its gone. For my deeper acne i bought the Buffering lotion. After a week of using this on my deep acne i saw a huge difference. For my acne scars i use the whitening mask its amazing! I saw a bug differece in the eveness of my skin. Thank You Mario Badescu!

Christina, 29 | Durham, North Carolina | United States
I struggled with acne throughout my teenage years and into my 20s. It wasn't until I stopped using harsh acne products that my skin cleared up. I discovered that using gentle, more natural products really soothed my skin. I've tried a lot of lines and Mario Badescu is my tried and true go to. My routine includes the enzyme cleanser, glycolic acid cleanser three times weekly, gylcolic acid toner, and then the oil-free moisturizer. Thank you! I never thought I'd be one to get compliments on my skin and now I get them regularly!!!

Josiah, 17 | winter garden, Florida | United States
I used to have awful skin..oily deep pores break outs EVERYWHERE!! I have tired every acne cleaning product out there and was about to try one more so me and my mom went to Ulta and were gonna get something and this lady comes by takes it out of our hands and shakes her head no.. and drags us over to Mario Badescu skin care section..and she looked at my face and then looked at the shelf and handed us some of the products and checked us out. The product spoke for it self, the employee did not have to speak for it at all within 3 days I had noticeable differences and im very very pleased about it! I will never use another acne product! :

Gisell Claudio, 27 | New york , New York | United States
Mario Badescu products have saved my skin, not only my face, but my overall skin problems that I had been fighting since I was a teenager. I had used, and continue to use their products as my regimen every day. My I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT products are Drying lotion, Buffering lotion, Healing Cream, Glycolic Cleanser and my favorite of all, their Cucumber Tonic Mask. I also use in my shower their A.H.A. Botanical Soap. I had tried several products in the past, which had irritated my skin, but Mario Badescu has helped my skin since day one, the improvement is amazing! Love the products, love the fact that I can try samples before buying the products, and love the courtesy of the staff to make sure you are satisfied with your products. Thanks so much in the attention and dedication to make a great skin line.