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Take heed of your body’s response to climate change. Making small changes in the body care products you used can help make a difference in how the rest of your skin looks and feels.

  • Cleanse. Try either our AHA Botanical Body Soap (a cult-favorite) or Citrus Body Cleanser. Both gently exfoliate to rejuvenate and leave skin feeling clean and refreshed.

  • Tone. For individuals starting to see back and chest breakouts resulting from the warmer weather, treat affected areas with our Special Cleansing Lotion “O” which works best with our Citrus Body Cleanser.

  • Exfoliate. For brighter, smoother skin, exfoliate regularly (1-3 times a week depending on your skin type) to help rid of dead skin build up. Gently rub our Raspberry Body Scrub in circular motions before shaving, moisturizing, and/or applying self-tanning products.

  • Indulge. For an at-home beach getaway, indulge with an aromatic bath and body gel that cleanses and nourishes to leave skin soft and smooth. Our Seaweed Bubble Bath & Shower Gel is a staycation essential that smells like the beach, even if you are landlocked.

  • Moisturize. Sun exposure and strong air conditioning can leave skin tight and dry. However, your usual lotion may feel too rich or heavy during the hotter months. Exchange it for a lighter formula such as our Formula 200 Body Lotion – a non-greasy, lightweight lotion that absorbs easily into the skin.

  • Get a sunless tan. Instead of exposing yourself to damaging UV rays, make the healthy switch from sunbathing and tanning beds to sunless, self-tanners. Be sure to exfoliate well before applying our Self-Tanning Lotion in either the SPF 15 or Oil-Free formula for a gradual glow and healthy tint of color.

  • Protect with SPF, applying 20 minutes beforehand to allow the sunscreen to absorb into the skin. Protect and moisturize with our Body Sun Block SPF 30, the perfect addition to your daily, summertime body care routine. Don’t forget the hands, especially when driving – be sure to apply our Fruit and Vitamin A & D Hand Cream SPF 10 to prevent signs of aging that result from sun damage.

  • Recreate a sun-kissed glow. For that extra bit of shimmer, apply our Summer Shine Body Lotion on your collarbones, shoulders, and legs.

  • Calm and cool. Soothe and cool sunburned skin with our After Sun Cooling Gel, a non-greasy formula enriched with Aloe and cooling Camphor to relieve irritated skin.

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