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Anti-Aging Resource Center

Welcome to Mario Badescu Skin Care’s Anti-Aging Resource Center! Here we have compiled our expert knowledge about aging skin treatment into one organized, easy to access center. Learn about the causes of aging skin and discover how to treat it for younger, healthier, more beautiful skin!

Learn About Aging Skin

  • Causes of Aging Skin - learn about what causes skin to age and become wrinkled, and how to avoid these factors.
  • Photoaging - an in-depth look into how and why the Sun causes skin to age, and how you can prevent this from happening.
  • Wrinkles - an in-depth look into what wrinkles are, how they form, and what causes them, as well as tips on how to smooth them out and look better than ever.
  • Brighten Age Spots - also known as sun spots, liver spots, solar lentigines, and senile lentigines, are a form of hyperpigmentation.

Treat Aging Skin