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7 Things Every Dancer Needs (Plus, What’s In My Dance Bag?)


Social media and copy director at Mario Badescu by day, salsa and bachata instructor/performer by night. These are the dance bag essentials that keep my skin calm, clear, and glowing on and off the dance floor:

7 Things Every Dancer Needs (Plus, What’s In My Dance Bag?)


Admittedly, I don’t keep a bottle of Drying Lotion in my dance bag (it would be perpetually all shook up), but it’s one of the non-negotiables in my post-rehearsal and post-performance skincare routine. Hours of sweating in the studio or caked in stage makeup can cause the occasional breakout, so if I feel a spot popping up, I’ll apply Drying Lotion before bed. Nip it in the bud, if you will—because this busy girl breaks (and breaks out) for no one.

And if it’s good enough for Misty Copeland, it’s good enough for me.


Let’s be honest: No what’s-in-my-bag would be complete without mention of this Mario Badescu classic. It’s a universal favorite without a doubt, but this multi-purpose mist is a dancer’s must-have for all the following reasons, and then some:

  • It’s the perfect pick-me-up during the middle of a tough rehearsal.
  • This mist freshens and rejuvenates your skin post-practice so you don’t leave the studio looking (or feeling) like a sweaty mess—you’ll just walk out looking perfectly dewy. Do spritz this everywhere—chest, décolletage, back of the neck, for that feel-good finish.
  • Makeup for stage or nights out dancing tends to be heavy on skin, so I always spritz my foundation and concealer brushes (or the beauty blender, for those of you who are sponge-inclined) to make the application process easier. If my makeup still looks a little cake-y, I’ll do a fine mist over my face to ensure everything melts together for a flawless finish.
  • To be clear, I do not condone this next tip for the sake of your suede-soled dance heels—but if you’re in a bind and need to add grip to your step, spritz the bottom of your shoes. You gotta do what you gotta do—and this trick has saved me from slipping on many a freshly waxed floor.


I haven’t been without this makeup remover since Nicole (co-worker and fellow MB blogger!) put me on it. If you can, always always remove all your makeup prior to any sweat session to reduce chances of clogging your pores. I love this classic, gel-cream formula because it’s so easy to use.

And here’s a little #MBSkinTip: I use this as an all-purpose balm. Elbows looking a little ashy before a shoot or heading on stage? The Eye Make-Up Remover Cream saves the day. Toes and heels looking cracked after a hard dance session in heels? Massage some of this skin protectant-like cream to moisturize and soften rough patches.

7 Things Every Dancer Needs (Plus, What’s In My Dance Bag?)


This classic, Mario Badescu formula is my go-to, period. But I do think it’s the best body lotion for dancers.

Latin dancing (salsa and bachata for me, specifically) is largely based on partnerwork. You want your skin to be glowing and hydrated, but you can’t wear anything that leaves your skin slippery—which at best, becomes an annoyance to your partner, and at worst, a hazard when it comes to doing lifts and tricks.

…which is why this has been my favorite body lotion for years. It’s incredibly nourishing but sinks in quickly sans greasy residue. Simply apply and resume practice.


Same goes for this hand cream. It moisturizes without the post-application slip, meaning you and your partner can do all the crazy handwork without losing grip.

#MBSkinTip: I use this hand cream on my feet, too. (Rebel, I know.) Though I can run, walk, dance in my heels, being perched on the balls of my feet for hours means they deserve a little TLC. Enter hand cream and spiked massage ball: After rehearsal, work away those knots before slipping into your street shoes. You won’t slip and slide, and you won’t leave a greasy footprint in the inner sole either.

7 Things Every Dancer Needs cha cha costume


This unique powder does exactly what its name purports—and then some. The sales director in me laments that this product flies under the radar in most markets, but the beauty junkie inside revels in just how much more special it is.

But, as a millennial whose default is to over-share, I’ll let you in on this little secret of mine.

Use it as directed, for starters. (I use this powder across my T-zone before dance classes to keep shine in check, and for intense practices, I’ll dust it across my chest and back to absorb shine and prevent congestion.)

You can also do as the aestheticians at the Mario Badescu salon do—dust it across skin that’s just been shaven or waxed.

Or, if you’ve “accidentally” popped a pimple because you couldn’t deal with a blemish the night before a huge show, dab this powder (using a clean cotton swab) over the erupted area and leave it while you sleep. Trust.


I could wax poetic about the Summer Shine Body Lotion, but I won’t. (Just kidding, I already did here along with a few others.) I live for this stuff. It smells delicious, it feels incredible, and it looks stunning on skin.

The best part is, you don’t have to be a dancer to appreciate this lightweight, shimmer-infused lotion. (But if you are, this is a must for prepping your arms, legs, and décolletage prior to a shoot or show.) Use it on a night out. Use it during the day in summer. Actually—use it whenever, wherever you’re looking to get glowing with a hint of gold glimmer.


Author: Kimberly Yang

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that skin care is paramount, green tea is everything, and the Internet rules all (typical Gen-Y philosophy; if it wasn't 'grammed, it never happened). Also pertinent: writer, content creator, national sales director at Mario Badescu. For more about me, visit my Google+ page.

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