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It’s time for part two of our Ask A Skin Care Specialist series!  You heard from our friends on Facebook, now it’s time to answer some questions from our Twitter followers.

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QUESTION:  Can using nose strips (for blackheads) cause broken capillaries on your nose??

— @soapsud (received via Twitter

ANSWER: Thanks for your question. Use caution with pore strips especially if you have sensitive skin or using topical prescriptions as they can make the skin very sensitive to harsh products. The pore-cleaning strips stick forcefully and when removed, can peel the very top layer of skin away causing temporary irritation and redness.  You don’t want to trade one skin issue for another, do you?  As far as capillaries being broken, it really depends on how and where exactly you use the strips and what condition you skin is in to begin with.  If you are thin-skinned and sensitive, I’d avoid these strips altogether and go for an oil-absorbing, clay mask like our Cucumber Tonic Mask or a blackhead treatment powder like our Silver Powder. Both will give you good results with no worries of any side effects, regardless of your skin type.

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QUESTION:  How do I get rid of acne scars quickly and how do I get rid of under skin acne?

— @KaVaFiMo (received via Twitter)

ANSWER: Acne scarring is a huge concern for many of our customers. Thank you for the question.  The key is prevention and treating pimples quickly before they get out of control. Most acne “scars” are not real scars but areas of hyperpigmentation that will eventually fade away albeit very slowly, over time. Don’t pick or squeeze pimples and diligently protect from the sun, two factors which slow the healing process and cause discoloration.  Using a regimen incorporating brightening and exfoliating ingredients like Vitamin C, Kojic Acid , Glycolic and Alpha Hydroxy acids help the fading process and improve the overall skin tone while also preventing pore congestion.  Keep in mind that using products that improve the skin tone and lighten acne scars may not be appropriate while you are experiencing new acne breakouts.  Treat the acne first, then correct any hyperpigmentation once skin has cleared up.

Under skin acne can be minimized with the use of pore-clearing and overall oil-absorbing products in your daily regimen.  Acne Facial Cleanser contains salicylic acid, an ingredient that encourages exfoliation and keeps pores from clogging up with excess sebum.  Our sulfur mask for acne, Drying Mask contains ingredients to prevent excessive oil on the skin so you will break out a lot less. Buffering Lotion is a thin solution that can be rubbed in to larger areas of eruption or on deep, cystic pimples to control the spreading, speed the healing and reduce the inflammation.  Exfoliating scrubs can also be beneficial for under skin acne to relieve the build up dead, dry skin cells that are trapping everything underneath. Use caution in this case not to scrub on openly erupted skin so it will not spread and heal more quickly.  If you are in doubt, best to treat your skin gently and slowly work up to stronger products so as not to irritate the skin.

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QUESTION:  What’s best for skin that is between acne and wrinkles (keeping it oil-free but some w/ some prevention for aging)?

— @ChiCityFashion (received via Twitter)

ANSWER: Excellent question! Thank you.  For us oily or problem-skinned people, incorporating anti-aging products into our skin care regimen can be challenging since in many cases anti-aging equals products with high amounts of oils which are not recommended for oily skin.  The most important piece of information you need to know about anti-aging is this:  The skin ages primarily from UV exposure.  In fact it is the #1 recognized reason for premature aging, not dry skin, not chronological age, not from using too little moisturizer or anti-aging treatments. That being said, the most important product you must put on your skin is sunscreen and there are daily sunscreen products available for oily and problem skin.  Our lightweight, hydrating Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF 17) is the recommended daily moisturizer for oily or problem skin.  For those of you getting prolonged, daily sun exposure (if you work outdoors or spend a lot of commuting time in the car, for example) our low oil, easily absorbed, Suncare SPF 30 is instead the recommended product.

Anti-aging serums are a great way to put concentrated, antioxidant ingredients on areas that first to show signs of aging such as the appearance of wrinkles, creasing and loss of elasticity.  Our Cellufirm Drops is a lightweight, non-oily serum that can be used twice daily around mouth, neck, forhead and even on the eye area.   It’s never too early to start using preventative products to combat the aging process as long as they are appropriate for your skin type.

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