Spotlight On: Fashion And Beauty Blogs

What was life like before we had fashion and beauty blogs?

We were all a bit more clueless.

Back in the day, when you wanted to see what a certain eye shadow or lipstick might look like, you’d have to actually try it for yourself. Every time. There was no easily accessible expert giving you their honest opinion. The chances you might choose the right product were statistically unlikely.

And for those of us who are clueless about clothes, those pre-fashion-blog days were a disaster. Fashion bloggers are like everyone’s more stylish best friend—and a lot of us need one of those.

It’s amazing to consider just how much information we rely on blogs for—and how differently so many of our purchasing decisions would be made without them.

In honor of bloggers everywhere, Check out these fourteen amazing fashion and beauty bloggers!

We need to hide our credit
cards when we read
Keiko Lynn's eponymous
blog. This Brooklyn-based
blogger makes us want to
buy every outfit and lipstick
she wears!

Felicia Walker Benson and her sassy
crew of beauty-obsessed bloggers at
ThisThatBeauty can always
be relied on for the very
best fashion and
beauty recommendations!

New Zealand-born
Gala Darling shares
her fashion
and beauty faves
while working
to help women
everywhere boost their
self-esteem with her
Radical Self
Love challenge.

Looking for outfit inspiration?
Saucy Glossie (helmed by the
impossibly stylish Lindsey Calla)
can help you put together chic
outfits on a real-world

Beauty expert and veteran blogger
Lianne Farbes at TheMakeupGirl
has over 20 years of experience
in the industry and knows all-
from drugstore to luxury
(and everything in

Marina at makeup loves me
provides reviews of the
very latest in everything
from makeup to nail
polish, spray tans, and
lash extensions.

At Eye4Style, Dina Fierro is an
urban girl with an effortless eye
for magically finding that perfect
fashion piece that you know
you’ll never make it
through the season without.

Lauren Napier is an uber-busy
makeup artist usually found
bouncing from shoot to set,
makeup kit in tow. We love
learning what she deems
worthy for her makeup kit!

Lauren was one of
the very first to review
Mario Badescu's new
Peptide Renewal Cream.

With a deep reverence for
all things fashion (and some
fun lifestyle and DIY tips too!)
we really wish we could
take Lindsay from
Coco in Cashmere with
us every time we go

A fusion of pop culture, personal
anecdotes, and (of course) beauty
news and reviews, Amber Katz’s
Beauty Blogging Junkie is one of
the most unique (and funny)
places to go for your online
beauty fix!

A fusion of pop culture, personal
anecdotes, and (of course) beauty
news and reviews, Amber Katz’s
Rouge 18 (formerly Beauty Blogging
Junkie) is one of the most unique
(and funny) places to go for your
online beauty fix!

Style IT’s Sarah Conley wants to
help you style your life your way.
Join her on her personal journey
to living a life more stylish through
plus-size fashion, beauty, and

The Style And Beauty Doctor is
one of the most fun and resourceful
beauty and fashion guides for
women of all sizes, races, and ages.

Edited by fashion and beauty
consultant Danielle Gray, this blog
helps match the latest in fashion
and beauty with fabulous people
like you!

Belle Belle Beauty Blog
is focused on honest
cosmetic reviews, including
everything from drugstore to
luxury brands.

Blogger Lindsay Rogers uses
Mario Badescu’s
Glycolic Foaming Cleanser
with her Clarisonic.

NYCPretty’s Christine Bibbo Herr splits her
time between being a NYC stylist and
hanging with her inner circle
on the Jersey Shore. Her
cheerful posts and inspiring
passion for fitness are a sure
way to get your endorphins

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