Is Your Cleanser Working?

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Cleanser is the first step in your skincare regimen, and it’s very important. It removes oil, dirt, make-up and debris on the skin’s surface. If you’re unsure whether or not your current facial cleanser is working, the following pointers are geared to help you determine if your product has earned its rightful place on your sink counter, or if it’s time to retire the bottle.

After cleansing, skin should look and feel:

  •  Clean
  • Nourished
  • Not too oily or dry

After cleansing, skin should NOT look and feel:

  • Unwashed
  • Stripped
  • Too oily or dry
  • Painfully tight
  • Irritated

Knowing your skin type is a crucial part of choosing the best and most effective products for your complexion’s needs. Once you know yours, it will be easy to choose an appropriate facial cleanser. There are a variety of options geared toward meeting each skin type’s specific needs. Fortunately, some cleansers are created to benefit ALL skin types, which can make choosing a product simple and painless.

How does your skin feel after a good face washing?

Author: Sara Kosmyna

I'm a freelance writer, makeup artist and brow expert with nearly ten years of professional experience in the beauty industry. Eating healthy, trying new beauty products and writing personal essays are a few of my favorite things. I can usually be found roaming the magazine aisles of bookstores or sitting at the café compulsively shopping online for shoes, books, clothes, and makeup. If I went to the gym as often as I talked about wanting to start exercising, I would have a 12-pack by now. I believe that having a good skincare regimen and expertly groomed eyebrows are two cornerstones to being naturally beautiful.

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  1. can you please help find me the right cleanser? I have mild acne, dry skin and some redness that occurs on my cheeks. right now I am using the Mario acne cleanser, an di found it has helped but not 100% cleared up my acne. I use the strawberry face scrub by him as well to help with my dryness and I love it. I also have been using the special cleansing lotion c and I use the drying mask fro my acne usually once a week. do you have any suggestions on anything else I could possibly try. I love the Mario products and id like to continue using them.
    – Thanks.

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