My favorite time of year is right around the corner. Late September through March.  I love the cool and cold weather. I love my fuzzy sweaters and boots. I love that my apartment is normal room temperature and not 90 degrees like all Spring and Summer. I love walking for miles and miles in the city, people watching and window shopping without breaking a sweat. I love having a cup of hot coffee without feeling like I’m having a hot flash after the first sip. By late September I am really missing my hot chocolate (with Bailey’s of course). Strange but I love when it gets dark early. Aside from severely limiting the time I can go running outside after work if at all, I am a big fan of dim and dark. Probably stemming from many years of being self-conscious of my skin. Not anymore –thank you Acne Facial Cleanser and Whitening Mask!  Most of all I love my Orange Protective Cream and Walnut Body Lotionwhich I can only use in the winter.

Fall makes me feel alive and revitalized after a long, hot summer of hiding inside except of course when I spent every day off at the beach or napping under the fan.  That first¬ day of school smell is in the air in September and it brings back great memories of rattling metal lunchboxes, white tights and patent leather Mary Janes. Memories of piling on the blue mascara and black eye liner the second we got to the bus stop (no, not in the same years I was wearing white tights and Mary Janes and carrying a lunchbox! Well, not too much after…).

Cooler weather makes me want to break out all the make-up that has been away for the summer like the rich colored lipsticks and eye shadows that seem too heavy and inappropriate for summer.  I love all my rich body oils and lotions that would feel so awful to use in the horrible heat and humidity of July and August.  I’m such a girly girl product junkie and summer just isn’t the time for product excess or any kind.  Bring it on Fall!

The smell of Fall in the air makes me want to make soup and muffins and I have already begun.  I know my friends and co-workers will be happy about that.  In a few months I’ll be stocking up my freezer with Thanksgiving leftovers that let me have yummy holiday dinners for weeks after.  Having said that, the cooler weather gives me one less excuse not to work out regularly. No complaining about the heat and humidity.

I just can’t think of anything I don’t like about the Fall season. The weather is perfect. The smells in the air make me think of happy memories and things I love to do, love to eat, love to wear. I’m just a happier person until July!  Gives us a shout on Facebook and Twitter and tell us what your favorite season is!

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