Acne In Autumn


skin care routine While Summer weather can exacerbate acne, Autumn presents its own unique challenges for acne sufferers. Discover what you can do to stay on track with your acne treatment.

acne in autumn

for Healing & Soothing acne-prone skin

Summertime can be hard for acne sufferers; it’s the number one time of year for additional breakouts. Summertime acne happens when heat and humidity force your body to sweat more than usual.

Autumn presents its own special acne-fighting challenges. Paradoxically, humidity also benefits skin in the summer—it keeps skin beautifully hydrated; acne products are less drying and irritating to sensitive, acne-prone skin when the air is moist.

Now that fall is here, the outside air is getting drier and colder; worse, we’re spending more time indoor in the (dry) heat.

My skin freaks out just a little bit at the change of every season, but the transition from summer to fall is usually the hardest. It’s important to reevaluate your regimen and decide which products you need to switch, which products can stay, and which products you’ll need to add on.

For those of you fighting acne, the dry, irritating change of seasons often means that your acne treatment causes more sensitivity, redness, and dryness than it did during the summer. There’s no reason to give up on acne treatment, though. Here are a few tips for ‘weathering’ the transition from summer to fall:

*If you’re using the Drying Mask, be sure to alternate it with the Healing & Soothing Mask.

*Consider switching your nightly moisturizer for the Seaweed Night Cream (it’s oil-free!) or alternating this night cream with your usual moisturizer. (I just did this and it made a world of difference! See more in the video, below.)

*The Herbal Hydrating Serum offers a really unique method of providing additional moisture and it’s perfect for acne-prone skin. Layer this versatile gel hydrator over day or night moisturizers, or use it alone as your moisturizer.

Learn more about Seaweed Night Cream:
skin care routine


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