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frecklesWhen I was a little girl, I had a small triangle-shaped constellation of freckles on my nose. I was enormously proud of my freckles, particularly because so many people commented on them and because my sister didn’t have any.

This was the 80s, and my mother had a less-than-strict attitude about sun protection. Growing up, we spent our summers getting sunburned and suntanned and we never worried about any of it. Peeling skin was a normal part of summer life; we kept a large bottle of Aloe in the fridge.

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Freckles are often quite beautiful and are not necessarily dangerous. These areas of increased melanin (skin pigment) are, however, an indication that the skin has been damaged. As time goes on, skin that’s regularly exposed to the sun will continue to amass freckles as well as sun spots. Worse, freckles represent an increased risk of skin cancer.*

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At this point, we think it goes without saying that you should be using daily broad spectrum sun protection, and not just for beach days. To deal with unwanted freckles as well as sun spots and other types of hyperpigmentation (melasma, for example), look for the following ingredients in your skin care products:

·         Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, such as Glycolic Acid [Check out the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser]

·         Vitamin C [Vitamin C Serum]

·         Kojic Acid [Whitening Mask]

·         Licorice Extract [Also found in the Whitening Mask]

Vitamin C is excellent for fading areas of hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C is excellent for fading areas of hyperpigmentation.

*Be sure to consult with your doctor if any freckles, sun spots, or areas of hyperpigmentation change in color, size, or shape. Undergo regular full-body scans as per your dermatologist’s instructions. 


Author: Jill

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