Fan Friday Giveaway! Summer Shine Body Lotion!


Summer is officially here!!!

Here in Mario-land we’re having a stretch of sunny, perfect 80 degree weather and we couldn’t be happier about it. To celebrate, this week’s Fan Friday Giveaway prize is the Summer Shine Body Lotion! It complements sun-kissed skin with a subtle shimmer. It’s non-greasy (of course) and accentuates whatever you’d like to show off- beautiful legs, shoulders and/or decolletage.

To start Summer with us, enter to win the Summer Shine Body Lotion by commenting on this blog post! THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED.
giveawayContest is open to residents of the US and Canada and runs from June 21-23, 2013. Winner will be selected randomly and will be announced on Monday, June 24, 2013. Winner will be contacted via email. Good Luck!

Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


  1. MB facial lotions have changed my life! I would love to try the body lotion and add this to my daily routine as well!!

    • Hi , I’d like 2 try your lotion n products especially if its organic or natural , without harmful chemicals …..

  2. Would love to win this! I have been dying to try it!

    • Love LOVE Mario Badescu products! I can’t resist trying them all! I would absolutely low to add this to my collection !

  3. I would love to try this! We use a lot of lotion around here!

  4. I would love to try this lotion! I haven’t started using any MB body products yet, so this would be the perfect way to start!

  5. I am outside a lot in the summer. There is nothing better after being in the sun all day than taking a cleansing shower and smothering yourself in a glorious body lotion.

  6. I just love Mario Badescu so much! you got to have a store in Quebec !

  7. YAY Summer is finally here! Now time to start showing some healthy skin!

  8. Love, Love, Love your products!

  9. Would love to try this!

  10. I just started using MB products and I’m in love!!! Love my cleanser and toner and moisturizer!! My dry AZ skin would LOVE to try your body lotion!!

  11. Would love to win this.
    I have very dry and aging skin.
    Thanks for the chance!

  12. I love these products!! I really want to win a fan friday product one day 🙂

  13. This would be a great addition to my summer body care routine. I love your products! 🙂

  14. I would LOVE to try this! I am making an order today for the vitamin c serum… l can’t live without it!

  15. I have tried other Mario Badescu products and they are amazing. I would love to try the summer shine body lotion. My skin would thank you!! 🙂

  16. I would love to try this! Ever since I started using your products, my skin is sooooo much better. Thank you!

  17. Love this stuff !! <3

  18. I’ve just been using your products for about 2 months now and I am in love! I would love to try this!

  19. This would be perfect, my legs look so dull! Thanks for the giveaway! Happy first day of summer!

  20. I simply loved the samples I received recently, and trying to keep my daughter out of them 🙂 I would very much enjoy trying the body lotion since my skin gets very dry all year round and the lotions I use now just leave me feeling greasy! bleh!


  21. Love Mario Products, I use them daily. I would love to try this lotion on my dry dull skin.

  22. Summer is finally here.I have never tried that products but i have other Mario Badescu products which i love.These products so amazing for anyone skin.Thanks for the chance to enter.

  23. I would love to win this lotion is sounds wonderful!

  24. Love mario badescu products! Ive used the walnut lotion, need to try this!

  25. The weather is finally starting to warm up in the Canadian Atlantic Provinces and, very gradually, I have been starting to show more skin. As of right now, I do not have a body lotion that I feel committed to and would love to use this to make the skin on the rest of my body look as glowing and perfect as MB products have made my face look!

  26. Sure, I’d love to shimmer more 🙂

  27. I would LOOOOOVVVVE to try this lotion!!! Pick me!!! 😉

  28. Need this!!! Would Love to try this!!! pick me pick me!!!!!:)

  29. My favorite summer lotion – wish it came with SPF, but I love it anyway!

  30. Not a better product out there!!..amazing what it can do for your skin!..just amazing..try it and see the results almost immediately!..( it really is that good!)

  31. Im the biggest fan! I tweet about Mario Badescu constantly!

  32. I love your products!!

  33. I love MB and would love to shine this summer!

  34. This sure looks like it would be something I would use…..Please…

  35. I’m such a HUGE fan of Mario Badescu, yet I’ve never tried this! WOULD LOVE to! 🙂

  36. I would love to try your lotion, I didn’t know this product was available.

  37. Would enjoy winning this to enhance the summer sun kisses!!

  38. My go to cleanser is the glycolic foaming cleanser. Part of the anti aging line but since I’ve used it my skin has never been so clear and I love it. I’ve been buying it for two years now.

  39. This would be a great post shower lotion. Would love to try it.

  40. Love these products. Face has never felt smoother!!

  41. Would love to try!!

  42. Love Mario Badescu. This lotion sounds like just what I need for summer. My pale skin could use the post-sun relief.

  43. Love MB products!

  44. I better get workin’ on my tan then, eh?

  45. Bad Hair Day? No, I have bad skin days. After having the worst “Skin Day” ever on Wednesday I ran after work to the nearest beauty supply store. I purchased the Mario Badescu Anti-Redness Kit. After using the Calma Mask I noticed an immediate improvement. Thursday, my makeup went on smoother. Today is Friday and I am loving my skin!!! In just two days, My skin feels so refreshed and smooth and the redness gone!! NO MORE TOMATO FACE!!!!! Thank You so much Mari Badescu!!! You have a client for life!!!!

  46. I have been searching for years for a product line to do the things that MD does for my skin! I love all the products so much that I even just bought my husband for father’s day his own products for shaving as he has sensitive skin and gets razor burn so easily. I’m glad to say that we BOTH love the products!!! Thank you!!!

  47. I’ve been wanting to try this so bad!!! I usually get the walnut which is awesome & what has prevented me from getting this one!!! Hate when you have to choose. 🙁

  48. I have used this lotion and it’s phenomenal! It gives a really nice glimmer to your skin that isn’t over the top, it’s very moisturizing without being greasy, and it smells great! I get compliments on my skin when I wear it.

  49. MB products rule my world. The lotions are so long-lasting and smell dreamy. Dig that nail color, too!

  50. I would love to try this lotion! MB products are the BEST!

  51. I have not had a chance to ever try this product and would love to win this so I can have shimmering arms and legs and not be afraid to show them off!

  52. I love MB products, excellent quality, and deliver what they say!

  53. Ooooh I would love to try this!

  54. This would be fantastic to win!

  55. Anything to help keep the skin hydrated in the summer would be great!

  56. This sounds perfect for summer! I haven’t tried any of the MB body products yet but would love to give this one a shot!

  57. My dry skin could use a little shimmer! Would love to try this!

  58. Would love to give this a try and add it to my MB collection. A girl could use a little help with her summer skin working in an office all day.

  59. New to the product line, started with the acne products for me kids (and me sometimes too) would love to try other items!

  60. I’ve recently started using Mario Badescu products…I was really impressed by the customer service help in the “chat now” box during checkout — they helped me picked 3 great samples that I love!! I would love to try this summer shimmer lotion, just what I’m looking to try next!!!

  61. This would be such an amazing way to start my MB body care routine! My skin’s moisture level fluctuates so much in the summer months and I struggle to find the perfect balance while still feeling smooth and attractive. MB facial products have changed my life and confidence level tremendously and I can’t wait to spoil the rest of me the same way 😉

  62. I would love to win this lotion and try it out.

  63. The summer shine body lotion is my favorite daily accessory during both the summer and the winter. I wouldn’t dream of going out the door without applying it to all exposed skin.

  64. The perfect lotion to accompany skin on a warm summer day

  65. I love Mario Badescu products! They are the only product line that have improved my early adulthood acne. Thanks to everyone at Mario Badescu!

  66. Summer Shine Body Lotion…one of my many favorite Mario Badesco products!

  67. My skin is very dry and I love any lotion that sparkles

  68. Love everything MB and have been dying to try this summer must have!

  69. You offer an amazing line of products. I would be honored to win to try this product as well! 🙂

  70. The Gylcolic Foaming Facial Cleanser and Aha Botanic Wash have changed my life- I went from constant Acne breakouts and severe Oiliness to clear skin that attracts so many compliments and give me a reason to smile on a daily basis.

  71. Perfect accessory to a cute summer sun dress!

  72. I love how the Summer Shine Body Lotion moisturizes and gives the perfect amount of sparkle!

  73. I would love to try this lotion please thanks!

  74. oooooo la la! This looks divine! thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  75. I would love to win this

  76. You had me at “Shimmer”

  77. Already left my comment but wanted to add that also has been tweeted as I do every week @SkinDiseaseDM.

  78. I want to win!!! I <3 MB!!!

  79. I want to get my shine on!! 😉

  80. Obsessed with your products!

  81. I would love to try any of these products. Lotion is a “staple” in my house. I use tons of it.

  82. I would love to try out the lotion 🙂

  83. Happy 1st day of summer! I really would love to win a bottle!

  84. I need some MB for my dry, itchy skin!

  85. I love Mario Badescu products, they have completely transformed my skin!

  86. I could use some shimmer this summer! Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. I received my first (large!) order of Mario products and this would be an amazing edition to try – hooray for the first day of summer!

  88. This is my favorite lotion for summer! Would love to win a bottle before heading to Block Island for vacation!!

  89. I’m new to Mario Badescu although I had heard about it some years ago. I recently started the cleansing and moisturizing routine and I’m very pleased. I’m excited to try the whole skin care line.

  90. I love mario badescue products so much!!! Changed my skin! 🙂

  91. Love Mario Badescu skin care, would love to try this body lotion 🙂

  92. Definitely want to try this!

  93. I would love to win this–I’ve been meaning to try it forever!

  94. I feel lucky today and being that summer just started I’m gonna need this. Thank you so much.

  95. I love all of your products,

  96. Have been wanting to try these products that I’ve heard so many good things about !

  97. Been a fan of your products for years, cannot live without them!! Would love to win this lotion to use on my legs, I started working out again! Thanks =)

  98. I love MB products. THey are the only things that have every worked for me!

  99. I just try your products and I loved them. When are you going to open a store in Toronto? Please….! That can be a gift, right on time for my birthday.

  100. I have never tried MB products so I would love to win this. So that I can see for myself just how wonderful these products are.

  101. I am such a fan of MB products!! I would love to try this body lotion for this summer season!

  102. thanks for the chance to win one of your great products

  103. works wonders on your skin

  104. I love Mario Badescu’s Lipwax, it moisturizes my lips just right, I have been using it for years now, I have several other tubes of lipglosses etc. but the Lipwax is the one I always reach for, plus it doesn’t leave residue on drinking glasses as other chapsticks do.

  105. Mario Badescu just works point, blank, period…

  106. I absolutely LOVE your products. I work at an Ulta Beauty and I’m always recommending your products to customers. I would live to try this product in particular.

  107. I hope I’m the winner!

  108. One of my top favorites of all the Mario products!

  109. I’ve sampling this lotion in the past and its the best body lotion for summer! Perfect hint of shimmer for a summer ready glow! My wedding is in 2 weeks and I’d love to have this for my big day!!

  110. MB products rock! So happy to have discovered their existence in a small shop in Richmond, VA years ago.

  111. I would like to win this I have tried chemicals lotions and face washes and they just don’t seem to b good and I would like to have a shot with this organic products that work the best unfortunate I can’t afford any so it be nice to try this products.

  112. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Mario products. have been using them for 8 years or more. Just started buying their summer shine body lotion and I love it. It smells like summer and has a pretty shimmer that lasts!! Not surprised though. I seem to love everything Mario!!

  113. absolutely adore this lotion! thank you so much for the fab giveaway! Love Mario Badescu!

  114. I’d really love to try this, I love lotions with shimmer/glow!!

  115. This sounds like a fantastic product, I would love to try it this summer..

  116. Would love to win this and try it out!!

  117. I love every Mario product I try. This lotion sounds awesome!

  118. I would love to try out this product!!

  119. Love! This would be perfect for a summer night! I need this please!

  120. I would love to try this lotion.

  121. Would love to try it since I have fairly dry skin. Don’t want to be going around looking ashy xD

  122. Hope to win! Perfect to use during the Summer!

  123. I put this on after my shower last night and I am still sparkling! 🙂

    I love this stuff….I have the big 16 oz vat. This is a summer must have.

  124. Love all of your products that I’ve tried! I would love to try the Summer Shine Body Lotion as well 🙂

  125. Every single thing I have tried, I loved!!! I use the cellufirm eye cream, the almond scrub, the enzyme revitalizing mask and the seaweed face wash……leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean, without stripping away moisture (so important once you pass 40).

    Truly miraculous stuff!!!

  126. The “Summer shine body lotion” is the perfect amount of shimmer for the summer–just enough to make you glisten but not a glitter overload where you look like you had an unfortunate encounter with My Little Pony. Very well done product. An absolute summer must-have!

  127. The best summer gift you could ask for!!

  128. Love lotions with shimmer….they really make you look so feminine

  129. i would love to try your samples

  130. I love your products so much!

  131. I have not found any skin care regimen that gives the results I see other people get. I want to give Mario Badescu a try. I’ve heard so many fantastic things..

  132. Love to try something that works!!:)

  133. Want to try:)))

  134. This is a great opportunity to try something new!

  135. New to the products, been using the skin care products and are amazing. Would love to try this lotion to see what other amazing products MB have!

  136. Your new body lotion looks very inviting. Could I possibly get a sample. I went on your site to order the frenziefreebies and discovered your fan friday giveaway. Neat.

  137. would love to try this product ,who doesn’t wan t to use top of the line products on their skin and know you will not have a bad reaction.

  138. Would love to try the lotion!

  139. Would love to try this!

  140. I want this!!!

  141. I would LOVE to try this lotion.

  142. I have just now found this skin care site and would appreciate the opportunity to try a sample. As I am getting older, my skin isn’t taking care of itself like it use to, or as I thought it was. We were not as careful with the sun in my day and now I am paying for it. If nothing else, maybe someone will take my post seriously and start when you are young. No one is too young to protect their skin. I now have spots from the sun, not age, dryness, itchy and I’m totally uncomfortable in my own skin. I am looking for ONE product (company) that I can count on for all of the conditions I have mentioned. Again, Thank-you!

  143. Perfect to try for spending the summer in the desert!

  144. Another good MB lotion!

  145. This is one product I have not tried yet.

  146. loved to try!!!

  147. Would love to try this along with the other products I am ordering tonight.

  148. Living in the deep South, I practically live outdoors. However, daily use of body lotion is a must. This looks like it would perfect to accentuate my tan and give it a glowing effect. I would love to try the Summer Shine Body Lotion and add I it to my daily routine.

  149. Summer is my favorite season by far! I would love to win this lotion to show off my healthy, summer-ready skin!

  150. I just starting using Mario Badescu products this week and have already seen a noticeable difference in my skin! I love love love the enzyme cleansing gel, the honey moisturizer, and the honey almond exfoliating cream. I wish I had discovered his skincare products years ago, before using such harsh products on my skin! I will be expanding my product collection soon. 🙂

  151. I have not tried any of the Mario Badescu body products yet, and I think this would be a wonderful way to start. It would nourish my skin while also giving it an instant pick-me-up!

  152. I got a sample of this last year and loved it

  153. would love to try. not much works for me this time if year plus i have diabeties,type2. thanks.

  154. Love mb!!!! My skin is amazing from shower to bed!!!

  155. I was hoping to receive a free sample to try, I’ve never heard of this product, I’m kinda a snob about my regular products, but lately I’ve been trying to be more “open minded” about certain products, but the website and information is confusing to me, I’m constantly trying to “enter to win” +/or “log in again”

  156. Love to try Mario Badescu lotion.

  157. I am new to MB products and very excited based on what I’ve seen so far! You guys have something amazing going here, I can’t wait to see the rest of the lineup 🙂 thank you, MB staff!!!

  158. I love Mario Badescu products and would love to try this one!!!

  159. MB products are to die for. I have blotchy, dry skin and have been using my personalized system. It works wonderfully! So glad my mom discovered this years ago so she could share with me 🙂

  160. love it!

  161. I wanna try this it sounds wonderful! Whoo hoo!

  162. Mario Badescu products have changed my face and my life. I would love to try more.

  163. Just started using MB products and loving them! I want to win fan Fridays product!

  164. Love LOve LoVE ur products!!! My skin has never looked better!!! Thank you!!

  165. Just left Ulta and tried it out….amazing! They were completely sold out. I even offered to buy the test bottle but not dice. It looks amazing without looking cheap.

  166. I just ordered a bunch of MB products!! I’m so excited to use the strawberry scrub. I definitely hope I can win this lotion and try it out. :3

  167. I would love to try this lotion!

  168. Your products are amazing, so far everything I have purchased I love. This is defiantly my new skin care line. I would love to try the Summer Shine Body Lotion!

  169. I look forward to trying out your products soon. My skin is in need of your amazing products.

  170. I just spent hours reading some amazing reviews. I can’t wait to try out your products. I’m so excited!

  171. I’m always looking for new products-thank you

  172. I would love to try this awesome product! Thank you for the chance.

  173. I will love to try your products! Anything that will make my skin flawless! 🙂

  174. A lovely light shimmer in lotion is the perfect summer complement to a fresh look.

  175. Would love to try this product. I just got back from the beach and my skin can really use a pick me up.

  176. Yay! Would live to win!
    Missyingling at g mail dot com

  177. I LOVE the Summer Shine Body Lotion!!!! I would be so happy to win this amazing product!! Thank you MB!

  178. Oh,this sounds great,I would love to try it,thanks so mcuh for the chance to win 🙂

  179. I love that the lotion is non-greasy and adds a shimmer.

  180. Just recently discovered Mario Badescu products! Made my first purchase the glycolic cleanser. Super excited to try it once it arrives! I Would absolutely love the opportunity to try more products as well!

  181. MD is so awesome! I forgot to add the main reason I love their products…NO ANIMAL TESTING! Not many beauty products do that nowadays (still)! I don’t want to use ANY product used for that! Thank you, Mario Badescu!

  182. I would love to try the lotion my skin is so dry and I’m so tired of products with low or non moisturizing properties that last

  183. I love shiny limbs! I need this 🙂

  184. This lotion is the ultimate summer product! It makes my legs, arms, and shoulders look moisturized and healthy with the perfect amount of summer glow. There is no other lotion for tank top and sundress season!

  185. Mario products have worked miracles on my skin! I can`t even believe how amazing his products are. I would love to add the Summer Shine Body Lotion to my growing collection. Thank you Mario for making my skin healthy and beautiful! 🙂

  186. I’m new to MB products and I can say honestly that I am in love with everything I’ve tried! It would be awesome to add this to my growing Mario collection! 🙂

  187. I hear this is amazing, I would love to try it.

  188. Love, love, love your products. I need to try this lotion.

  189. I have been using your products since I was 18…truely amazing products. I highly recommend the seaweed night cream and orange tonic mask!

  190. I loved your products when I lived in New Jersey & still love them now that I live in California (Palm Springs area) just hard to find them! But anytime anyone asks…I always say my favorite is Mario Badescu & I tell them to go online to your fantastic website!

  191. Would love to win! Love this line!

  192. This is exactly what missing from my beach bag!

  193. I’m running out of my current stash!!!! I’m in desperate need to my Mario Badescu products!!!

  194. I love Mario Badescu products and this product would be good for my hands that get dry easily whenever I use the water at my work.

  195. I’ll give it a try & let you know what I think . I’ve tried many before you …..
    Hoping yours is better ???

  196. I would love to try this!

  197. My mom introduced me to MB products and I instantly fell in LOVE. I have tried their eye creams, face wash, astringent, moisturizers but I have yet to try the body lotion.

    I would love to try this!

  198. The first time I randomly picked this up at ULTA I loved it! Ever since I have been using this lotion, summer or not. Who doesn’t want a little sparkle all year long via there body lotion. Love Love Love this product! Keep the great products like this one coming!!

  199. would love to try:-)

  200. Summer perfection! I love all things sparkly and shimmery!

  201. I’d love to win – Mario Badescu always has the best giveaways!

  202. Would love to see if this would help my daughter. Looking forward to trying your products for her and myself.

  203. would love to try this………am sure it would feel so good on my skin

  204. Love your products. They have helped my son so much!

  205. i would love to try this lotion – cute blog and thanks for the chance

  206. I would love to win this lotion! Just the product I need for a beautiful (and moisturized!) summer look! Thank you SO much for offering this giveaway. God Bless!

  207. I love this summer shine and I would love some for my cabinet.

  208. Just got my drying lotion yesterday…tried it on last night and this morning — VOILA! Zit is nearly gone… how unbelievably magical is that? And knowing MB — this Summer Shine Lotion is just as magical!

  209. Love to try it!

  210. I love Mario Badescu skincare products & would love to try this out!

  211. I love your products as it changed my face, I would love to try the body lotion as my skin is very dry….tried everything and your products do work…great job.

  212. Im on my last day of my long weekend beach vacation, this would compliment my fresh tan! I hope I win!!! I am a new fas of Mario Badescu and I love it!

  213. Id also love to try it.

  214. Whoo hoo! Let’s get summer glowing!

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