Glycolic Acid Toner: A Love Story


glycolic acidWorking at Mario Badescu certainly has its benefits. One day, a fellow esthetician here was gushing about how the Glycolic Acid Toner imparted a glow to her skin. I’m one of those people that will eat or drink anything that will make my skin radiate or turn back the hands of time. I would literally fly myself to the jungles of the Amazon if I knew a miracle fruit germinated there. You get the picture.

So when my esthetician friend raved about the Glycolic Acid Toner, I literally had dreams about it thereafter and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I finally succumbed to trying it and fell in love at first swipe. I felt the tingle on my skin and I knew right then and there that the Glycolic Acid was working.

The Glycolic Acid Toner is formulated with 2% Glycolic Acid and Grapefruit Extract. If your skin is dry or congested, this combination of ingredients will provide a level of exfoliation that fights dullness from excess skin cell buildup; signs of aging; and old acne scars.

Tell us: which toner are you using?


Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


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