Fan Friday Giveaway: Glycolic Foaming Cleanser


It’s Friday! Time for our Fan Friday Giveaway! This week: Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. If you’d like the chance to win this bottle, comment on the blog below!


Contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada and will run from May 17-19, 2013. Winner will be announced Monday, May 20, 2013.

Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


  1. I love my MB products! Especially the hyaluronic eye cream.

  2. Woooo love this pick me!

  3. Would like to see what it can do.

  4. Pick me!!! Love your products!

  5. I Love MB products! 🙂

  6. My skin would love to have this! ♥ Mario Badescu!

  7. I love mb products ! ESP my aha ceramide moisturizer !

  8. Need a proper cleanser to start my summer off right! 🙂

  9. Perfect cleanser for pregnancy !

  10. Love the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, especially in the summer when it’s hot and humid.

  11. This is one of my favorite MB products!! Love your giveaways!

  12. Would LOVE to try this. only use MB products!!!!!!! Love all of them, they have changed my life! !!!!!! ♡♥♡♥ please pick me 🙂

  13. I would love to try this cleanser! Have heard good things.

  14. Been using this foaming cleanser for 2years now and I always get positive results. MB products never fails me! 🙂

  15. I have heard that Glycolic is supposed to be great for skin cell rejuvenation. I would love the opportunity to find out for myself.

  16. Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  17. I have not tried the products yet, but am looking forward to

  18. MB products leave my skin clean and oil free, without drying it out or giving me breakouts!

  19. I love your products and I would love to win this foaming cleanser!

  20. I was always one of those lucky people who ever had a problem with acne in high school. I thought I was invincible, until I hit 22. My face broke out so bad! I use this twice a week and it helps tremendously! I would recommend this product to anyone!

  21. I love the MB products, especialy the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater and the Enzyme Cleansing Gel. Thnak you for existing!

  22. Yay… I love this product!!!

  23. I would love to win a bottle on my Birthday!

  24. Love this product! 🙂

  25. I use this 2-3 times a week and its awesome!

  26. Love this product!!!

  27. My skin loves your products..if I use anything else on my face its dry, peeling or pimples. ♡♡♡MB!!! The best

  28. this sounds and looks really good would love the chance to try

  29. LOVE LOVE LOVE Mario!!! This one is my favorite cleanser of all!!! I use it EVERYDAY!!! Thank you, Mario!

  30. I would definitely love to give this a try, have tried many of your products but not this one as yet.

  31. Last Friday I had reported that I had purchased my first product. Since then, I have purchased 3 additional products. Buffering lotion, Drying cream and face powder. Love my products and want to add more.

  32. I absolutely love MB’s Glycolic cleanser…I’ve been a user of it for the last 5yrs. It is like buying a facelift in a bottle. My skin is sooo smooth, tight, blemish free, & even toned. Its so great I have gotten my Husband using it, but SHhh dont tell him I told ya;) I <3 Mario Badescu

  33. I was at Ulta when they were doing free makeup one day. The makeup artist, even though she was representing a different line, suggested some of your products to me. And I love them. Had a very mini sample but would love to win this.

  34. Favorite cleanser ever!! I’ve been using it for 5+ years now and as someone who works in the beauty industry, I can say that this WORKS! Have turned on so many of my friends and family to MB and now we are all fanatics 🙂

  35. I devotedly use the Enzyme Cleansing Gel, but I’d love to try this one!

  36. With several skin problems whether it be acne, oily t-zones or dry patches around the eyes, I’m always looking for a new product to try out to see what works best for me. I can honestly say that even though I’m still new to trying the skin care line, Mario Badescu Skin Care has been my favourite so far. I have tried several cleansers before and would love to try the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

  37. Would love to try this product. I have all the product for the hand care and my husband has men care as well. Price is great for MB because quality is 5star out of 4! Lol

  38. Love MB! Great products.

  39. One of my favorites!

  40. Really could use a great face cleanser!

  41. Love this cleanser! ☺

  42. This is one of my favorite cleansers. It makes my face feel so clean!

  43. I would love to win!! Been dying to try this.

  44. Yay! My FAVORITE product from MB! Pick me pick me!!

  45. Love – Love -Love Glycolic Foaming Cleanser! I use it alternatively with Botanical Facial Gel to keep my skin clean and clear.

    Mario Badescu is my favorite skincare product line – I recommend it to everyone!

  46. I’ve heard such great things about this cleanser!

  47. This would be an excellent prize to win.

  48. I’d love to try this. Everything else I have purchased works WONDERS for my hair and skin.

  49. I went to Ulta about 2 weeks ago and got some refills on my moisture magnet and they gave me a few samples of the glycolic cream. I have been using it at night instead of my chamomile moisturizer, looove it. Would love to try the cleanser version.

  50. I just tried my samples that came in the mail. This stuff is FANTASTICK!

  51. First and foremost, this product wasn’t reccommended to me because i have really sensitive skin. HOWEVER, everytime my skin has an episode (hormones,stress, etc) I use a sample of this that a friend gave me. Let me tell you, if you use it for a week, IT WORKS MIRACLES! My skin basically goes back to normal, which is unheard of. I’d love to win a full size of this :]

  52. I love MB products. I struggled with adult acne for years, due to PCOS, and my cystic acne was terrible and painful. Thanks to MB products my confidence is back! Thank you for making this affordable and available 🙂

  53. Your Rosewater wakes me up in the am! I just moved to Nevada and need this in my life!

  54. I love these products!

  55. I would like to try this product!

  56. Would love to add this to my collection!

  57. I love MB products!

  58. Ohh I would love this!

  59. The glycolic gel was the 1 st product I ever tried from Mario Badescu. I have always had troubled skin and this was a breakthrough. Ive tried everything..everything. I couldnt keep on buying other gels because of the prices as well, but the products are so effective and affordable. The cleanser, I know will work! Ive already received compliments & I would love to add to my collection and spread the wonders of Mario Badescu!!

  60. Cleansing is the most important step after moisturizing!

  61. I am new to Mario Badescu but am LOVING everything I have tried ! The Vitamin C serum has made a remarkable difference in the brightness of my skin ! Would love to add the Glycolic Skin Cleanser to my regimen !


  63. I have tried the Vit C serum (amazing!) and the drying cream. Both are superstar products. I have not tried any cleansers, would love to!

  64. Love the products I have not tried this cleanser would love to.

  65. I love MB! Especially the silver powder!

  66. I’m obsessed with Mario Badescu! I love that I always get replies on twitter with any and all questions I have about skin care too!

  67. I would love to win this for my daughter.

  68. Save my skin, Mario Badescu! I need this!

  69. I love MB products! They have done amazing things to my skin! Thank you so much!

  70. Best thing I ever did for my face! Glycolic fan for life!

  71. Would LOVE to try your cleanser!

  72. Have been using this cleanser for more than 5 years since I received a sample. Excellent cleanser suitable for any climate (I travel a lot for work and this works for me in any climate)

  73. I would love to win this product!
    I just made my first MB purchase this week and chose the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser as one of my 3 free samples. I have 3 beautiful children but pregnancy left my skin not so beautiful and splotchy. This would be a great product to add to my regimen.

  74. I would love to try it but being a single parents my funds are limited. Please consider me!

  75. I love the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser! It’s a great way to exfoliate without abrasive ingredients. This is one the products Martha Stewart uses & look how fantastic she looks!

  76. Pretty please!

  77. I’d love to win!

  78. I love you products and really hope I win a chance to try your Glycolic Foaming Cleanser!!!

  79. thanks to the glycolic wash and buffering lotion I no longer have congestion under the surface of my skin..thanks, mb!!!!

  80. I would love to receive this, I recently started using your products and am completely inlove with them

  81. would love to try this! thanks for the fun contest!

  82. I would love to try this!

  83. One more product I’d love to try!

  84. I would love to win this thanks for the chance

  85. love MB products!

  86. When you want a deep-down wow my skin can breathe kinda clean……this is the stuff! I alternate this with the Enzyme cleanser and my skin has never looked or felt better. Thanks MB : )

  87. Love trying new products!!!!

  88. love your products!!

  89. Love the enzyme cleansing gel…excited to give this one a try!

  90. I would love to win this! I’m looking for a cleanser that makes my skin feel clean and fresh while incorporating ingredients that will be good for my skin! Sounds like this fits the bill!

  91. This looks like a wonderful upgrade from my current cleanser!

  92. Excellent products, love the quality!

  93. Pick me i have been using the same cleanser for five months and need to switch!

  94. I have been dying to try this cleanser!

  95. I am sooo thankful I took the chance on trying your product for the first time months ago- best decision I had mad ein months…. slowly turning over all my skin care products to Mario!! WooHooo tk you so much~~ luv ’em

  96. I JUST ran out of my bottle of this cleanser!! it is fabulous, probably my favourite, tied with the whitening mask!

  97. I love Mario products. It’s been a tough week – I would love to win to make it better!!

  98. I have been wanting to try this product for a while. In my never ending battle with oily skin and hyper-pigmentation I think this would be great in my arsenal of products. I hope I win!

  99. this cleanser sounds great!

  100. Hoping to find a cleanser that works for my oily skin!

  101. Love this product, my favorite MB. I don’have it for the moment. I miss it like the dessert misses the rain.

  102. I love your products, especially your Super rich Olive Body Lotion. Would love to try your Glycolic Foaming Cleanser!

  103. I’d love to try this!

  104. I use the glycolic face wash two to three times a week always makes my skin feel radiant after!

  105. I’d Love to win this cleanser more than ever because it foams up, it removes makeup and it works for all skin types!

  106. I would love to try this product.

  107. Glycolic is an excellent exfoliant! I need all the help I can get. 🙂

  108. I am a fan of your products and really do need some cleanser.

  109. Sounds amazing would love to win!

  110. Would love to find a great foaming cleanser

  111. This cleanser looks like a godsend! My skin is very sensitive, but your products always soothe and never leave me with hives like some of the other brands.

  112. Received products samples in the mail and love them! Had to run out and buy eye cream and moisture magnet. I would love to be able to try the facial cleanser! Great Products!

  113. I am new to MB products – and just placed my order! I have tried everything, and I have confidence that these products are what I’ve been looking for! Thank you all, in advance, for how you’re about to change my life and my self-confidence!

    Hayley, 21

  114. I would also like to be considered for this giveaway!

  115. just getting into mb products so far I loved everything I tried but I would like to try out more so I can recommend these products to my clients

  116. I love your products, I would love to try this one!!

  117. I have been wanting to try this. I would love to win it!

  118. I would love to try this product!!

  119. I alternate between this & the enzyme cleanser. Love Mario.

  120. I absolutely adore this cleanser! It leaves my skin so fresh! Thank you Mario Badescu!

  121. The glycolic cleanser is my favorite! I hope I win!!

  122. Love my MB products! My skin has never looked and felt this good in my life. Would love to add this product to my regime!

  123. You had me at “GLYCOLIC” because I know how good that ingredient is at sloughing off dead skin cells and making your skin look nice & luminous, so the fact that it’s in a foaming cleanser is just a PLUS!

  124. Love mb, loyal customer for 3 yrs and counting!

  125. I love that you have a “fan fridays” to give anyone a chance to win. I would love to try this product; I use the Buffering & Drying Lotion, and it has made a huge improvement on my skin!

  126. I’m a newbie, please choose me!!

  127. I love MB product although have yet to try this one. Would love to add to my line if I win.

  128. hard to find in the uk

  129. This product is just what I need!

  130. I love glycolic acid cleansers! Great for blackheads!

  131. This is my favorite cleanser! I love how soft my face feels after using it and how great it is at cleaning off my makeup. I just bought a new bottle a couple weeks ago too~

  132. Recently discovered your products and would love to try this one!

  133. I would love to try it!! Happy Mothers Day!

  134. Is love to try this cleanser! I’m sure it’s amazing!

  135. I love the products! Found you guys from jacklyn on YouTube! Went from 4 products to 12 in a matter of weeks. I’ve had acne since I was 8, I’m now 19 with beautiful skin!! Thank you!!! P.s I haven’t tried this cleanser yet and I’d love to!!!!!

  136. I LOVE the glycolic foaming cleanser………made my face smooth again!

  137. I am half way through my first bottle of glycolic foaming cleaner and WOW! My congested acne prone skin is finally beginning to clear up- thank you MB!

  138. I am very happy w/ the items I have purchased so far. Especially the Drying Lotion, wow great results. Being a single mom w/ a budget I started buying an item every other week. I am up to three so far worth every penny. All my family and friends have asked what are u doing different and I am happy to share name Mario Badescu. I am so happy for the day I went to Ultra and learned about this line of acne products. Adult acne is hard to deal w/ and this line is making my skin clear up pretty good. Thanks for all the hard work everyone does to make these products available to us-Donna S

  139. I first tried your products from my sister about a year ago and knew it was something i needed to look into. I was then given some samples at Ulta and was amazed by just using those. I really like what it does for my acne. I want to keep using them but im on a dingle parent with 3 kids budget. I would really like to win some of your products if possible. Thank you so much.

  140. Your products have been raved about by one of my make-up artists. After trying so many different products, I’m def ready to try your entire regimen. This would be a great start to allow me to try the product before buying the entire regimen.

    Thank you for having such a wonderful give away. I hope that I’m selected, however, if I’m not congratulations to the winner of such a raved about product line!

    Have a great weekend & I can’t wait to try your products :))

  141. Would love to try the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser!

  142. Would love to try the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser!!

  143. Enzyme Cleansing gel is my Favorite ! thanks (:

  144. I love this product. I got a sample in the mail.. very good. It doesn’t irritate my skim like most products I’ve tried. I like this line

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