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… maybe they should teach this alphabet to kids instead?

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A: Anti-aging. Are you on a quest for good skin? It’s all about prevention. Protect with SPF, always stay hydrated, and nourish the skin with ingredients like Vitamins A, C, E, Collagen, etc. Start with eye cream – MB himself said everyone over the age of 20 should invest in one.

B: Breathe. Be sure to de-stress. There’s a saying that goes we wear our hearts on our sleeves; we say you wear your stress on your skin. It shows.

C. Customize. Everyone’s skin is different. Cater the products to your skin type; what works for others may not work for you. Don’t feel obligated to buy all the products from one line – mix and match for the perfect combo!

D. Deep clean. One to three times a week, unclog those pores and let your skin breathe.

E. Exfoliate. Regular exfoliation stimulates the skin and promotes cell turnover for a brighter and smoother complexion.

F. Facials. At home DIY or professionally done, you and your skin both need and deserve it.

G. Glycolic Acid. A natural AHA, we love Gycolic Acid because it helps improve texture, fine lines, and discoloration for a healthier and more radiant complexion.

H. Hyaluronic Acid. Another favorite ingredient of ours; it helps retain the skin’s natural moisture.

I. Increase your water intake. Drink it in! Keep your body and skin hydrated and happy!

J. Jog. Walk. Run. Dance. A healthy lifestyle shows.

K. Kaolin Clay-based masks absorb all the oil and pore-clogging gunk for a truly good clean.

L. Learn to love your skin. 

M. Moisturize. Twice a day, no matter what your skin type is.

N. Narrow it down. It’s important to cover all the essentials, but remember: less is more.

O. Organize your skincare routine. Do you need a different day & night routine? Winter & summer regimen?

P. Pimples. Acne. Breakouts. They happen to the best of us. Don’t touch or squeeze no matter how tempted you are to pop that sucker – spot treat if it’s an occasional thing, and if it’s a regular occurrence read our guide to how to conquer acne skin.

Q. Quiet time. Allot some you time every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes alone.

R. Regiment that regimen. Establish one and follow it religiously. The key to good skin doesn’t just require products that work for you – you need to put it into practice.

S. Sanitize. Clean hands and tools keep bacteria, oil, and dirt from clogging your pores. Always wash your hands before touching your face. Clean your makeup brushes often. Always use a clean cotton bud or pad. Change your pillow case regularly.

T. Tone. Too many people underestimate the importance of toner (or don’t know what it’s for). It is essential in the cleansing process to help remove any residual makeup and oil.

U. UVA/UVB Rays. SPF protection is essential as a preventive measure against premature aging, sun damage, and ultimately, skin cancer. Apply sunscreen often, regardless of the season.

V. Vitamin C. A favorite ingredient of the skincare industry and for good reason, too. It’s an antioxidant that helps stimulate collagen formation and boost your block against the sun to help minimize fine lines and discoloration and help promote a more radiant complexion.

W. Wait. Before jumping into an entire regimen of new products, test each product on your wrist first to see if you’ll have a negative reaction. If not, introduce products one at a time so you know what works and what doesn’t with your skin.

X. Examine. (X was a tough one… think X-amine!) Only a dermatologist can properly determine what it is your skin needs.

Y. Yes – say it more often. Be open to possibilities! That, my friends, is a true glow from within that no product can give you.

Z. Zero in on problem areas with serums and spot treatments. But remember, there’s no such thing as instant gratification: you need a solid skincare regimen if you want good skin for the long haul.

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Author: Kimberly Yang

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that skin care is paramount, green tea is everything, and the Internet rules all (typical Gen-Y philosophy; if it wasn't 'grammed, it never happened). Also pertinent: writer, content creator, national sales director at Mario Badescu. For more about me, visit my Google+ page.

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