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hostess.giftThere’s nothing worse than showing up to a party empty-handed. Holiday parties carry with them an extra expectation- it’s likely your host will give you a small gift as part of the festivities. And if you’re staying as a guest in someone’s home, you absolutely must provide a little gift (no exceptions!).

What could be cuter than a little skin care gift set to give your host or hostess? You can either pick out a pre-selected gift set from us OR put together a cute little package yourself. We’ve put together a few smart sets to help you get started! Each item is sold separately, and indecisiveness may occur since all the sets are so sweet! (We warned you.)

The Fruitcake
Place these items in a little basket along with fresh white washcloths.
Fruit & Vitamin A & D Hand Cream
Papaya Body Lotion
Kiwi Face Scrub
Orange Tonic Mask

The Bee’s Knees
A little yellow gift bag (complete with a tin of Honey Chamomile Tea) would be just the thing. 
Almond & Honey Face Scrub
Honey Moisturizer
Lip Wax

Winter Holiday
Perfect for someone going away on a sunny vacation this winter; an added loofah would be much appreciated.
Seaweed Bubble Bath and Shower Gel
Summer Shine Body Lotion
Botanical Firming Lotion

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