7 Ways To Get Oily Skin Under Control

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Welcome to the time of year oily guys and girls dread most. The transition from spring to summer often leaves oily complexions shiny and out of control. It’s important to know how to stop oily skin before it gets out of hand  Luckily, with the right tools you can look and feel your most confident every day of the year.

If your skin is oily, it’s important to get your skincare regimen off to the right start. Deep cleaning your skin with a gel cleanser formulated for oily skin twice a day will help to remove excess sebum (oil) from the surface. Botanical Facial Gel is a great choice for combating intense oiliness without drying the skin. Designed with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, this refreshing cleanser removes makeup, dirt and oil.

how to stop oily skin

To combat dull skin and congested pores, it’s important to exfoliate regularly. Those who do not exfoliate are more likely to suffer from acne because bacteria, dirt and oil can get trapped under dead skin cells, thereby creating the perfect breeding ground on the skin’s surface. To gently exfoliate, oily skin types can use Glycolic Foaming Cleanser two to three times per week, in place of their regular cleanser.

how to stop oily skin

The second step after a quality cleanse is applying astringent or toner. When done both morning and night, this step helps to remove any leftover oil, dirt or cleanser from the face and neck. Cucumber Cleansing Lotion is formulated to be an effective yet gentle toner that removes excess oil and soothes the skin with cucumber extract.

how to stop oily skin

Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin is the go-to product for hydrating oily skin without leaving a greasy film or texture. This soothing blend is ideal for oily skin and those who experience acne regularly, as it’s designed not to contribute to breakouts. It can be used morning and night after cleansing and toning for best results.

how to stop oily skin

Frequently, excessive oil leads to breakouts, and that’s when the Drying Mask steps in. This sulfur-based formulation helps to dry up existing pimples, promoting clear, unblemished skin. Excessively oily, blemish-prone skin actively experiencing moderate to severe breakouts can use this mask up to three times per week. May be used on top of Special Healing Powder to help control oil. Alternate with the Healing and Soothing Mask. For those who are acne prone, with only occasional or minor breakouts, the Flower & Tonic Mask is another great option.

how to stop oily skin

When it comes to oily skin, all masks aren’t created equal. For those who have especially active t-zones, the Special Mask for Oily Skin helps to combat extra shine. Used as a treatment up to three times per week, this clay-based mask helps to absorb oil and control surface build-up.

how to stop oily skin

Diminish surface shine effortlessly with a dusting of the Special Healing Powder. Simply sprinkle some of the powder onto a soft brush and apply to areas of the face that have excess oil. As a bonus, this powder can be used with loose foundation to enhance its oil control.

how to stop oily skin

While you yearn for that perfectly matte finish of skin, with just the right amount of dewiness, try to remember that there’s something especially beautiful and charming about having a gorgeous glow that comes from within.



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