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We here at Mario Badescu Skin Care are proud to announce that we are running a new contest!

We want to hear your personal skin care stories.  Tell us what your problem is.  Tell us how you’ve struggled.  Tell us what you’ve tried that worked and what you’ve tried that hasn’t.

5 lucky contestants will win a personalized one-on-one skin care consultation with one of our skin care professionals, as well as a complete customized skin care regimen targeted from their skin type and condition.

This contest is over November 1st, so act now!  Find out more details and enter to win!  Click the banner at the top of our Acne Resource Center, or just scroll down!

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  1. One of my favorite skin care products is chamomile. The product I purchased for years, is now discontinued – will not give you the name. I always have had very good skin. When I reached age 50, my skin changed alot. I have adult acne, on my left cheek that does not seem to heal. I have had a red rash, since I started wearing reading glasses. I only use face creams that are organic. The help alot, do not make my skin itchy. Basically, I struggle with aging skin. Have to work alot harder at keeping my skin reasonably healthy. I also, once in a while get puffy under my eyes., fortunately, it is minor and does not stay continuously. I also have brown spots on my face and hands that I am still trying to eliminate. I have tried sun screens, they seem very uncomfortable feeling in my face, make my skin itchy and irritate my eyes. I avoid sun as much as possible. I always look forward to buying organic face creams. I have found two excellent sites on line and an excellent Health Food Store in Toronto.
    Not sure if I am allowed to mention brand names, or sites/stores.

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