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Secret For Getting The Itch Out Of Mosquito Bites


They launched the attack at night as I stood with a friend outside, barefoot in a long maxi dress. The mosquitos smelled dinner, and even the long, billowy fabric couldn’t save me.

Two ankles, ten “itching like crazy” red bug bites.

The Problem: Mosquito Bites
The Solution: Drying Lotion*

mosquito bites

Fun Fact: Only female mosquitos feed on blood.

Without my usual bottle of Drying Lotion on hand, I was forced to forgo shaving my legs and wear long pants, lest I’d be tempted to scratch my skin raw. (Ironically, part of my day was spent watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Bitten all over, but no gorgeous David Boreanez-esque vampires or eternal afterlife? I think it was the universe’s way of rubbing it in.)

I couldn’t stop the itchy feeling. When I got to work, I knew what would help and grabbed a bottle of Drying Lotion. Designed as a pimple spot treatment for whiteheads, I found my own alternate use for it, and it has since worked like a charm. Just as with acne application, I dipped a cotton swab into the bottle (which I didn’t shake because I follow directions) and applied it to all of the ankle bites.

Instantly, the itch was gone. Since the Drying Lotion contains pink calamine, I had soft pink dots everywhere I applied it. I stood up in my cubicle and yelled, “I’m cured!”  Just kidding; that would be weird.

Here’s wishing you a less itchy end-of-summer!

*Drying Lotion is not meant to be used on broken skin, sensitive areas or near the eyes.

Author: Sara Kosmyna

I'm a freelance writer, makeup artist and brow expert with nearly ten years of professional experience in the beauty industry. Eating healthy, trying new beauty products and writing personal essays are a few of my favorite things. I can usually be found roaming the magazine aisles of bookstores or sitting at the café compulsively shopping online for shoes, books, clothes, and makeup. If I went to the gym as often as I talked about wanting to start exercising, I would have a 12-pack by now. I believe that having a good skincare regimen and expertly groomed eyebrows are two cornerstones to being naturally beautiful.

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