NYLON MagazineDani Stahl may quite possibly be the busiest girl in NYC. She’s the Style Editor-at-Large for NYLON Magazine, designs jewelry for Lia Sophia’s Red Carpet Collection, is the style expert on E!’s hit show Scouted!, and her social calendar? Well, let’s just say her dance card is always full.

What you might not know about Dani is that she is way dedicated to her regimen of skin care treatments, and has been a regular at the Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon for years. Let’s put it this way, if the Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon was a sitcom, Dani would be the beloved guest star that gets the big applause every time she effervescently breezes through the door.

I recently had the chance to chat skin and style with Dani. Here’s what she said: 

.   .   .

N: You were a client at Mario Badescu before I even started working here…

D: I grew up in the city, so that’s where you get a facial.

When I got into fashion it was always a constant. I would say about 10, 12 years ago I really, really started to use the products. It’s a constant staple in any routine I have going.

N: You are very dedicated and committed to your skin. What works for you? Which products and services make a difference?

D: One thing that I use endlessly and always is the Vitamin C Serum. My basic regime is the Glycolic Acid Toner, Vitamin C Serum, Hyaluronic or Glycolic Eye Cream. And then I love the Cellufirm [Drops] and the Hylauronic [Emulsion] w/ Vitamin C. I like anything Vitamin C. I like healing and repairing. I often use the Buttermilk [Moisturizer]. If I have a little breakout I love the Anti-Acne Serum.

I Love the Herbal Hydrating Serum. If it’s really dry in winter I like the Seaweed Night Cream. For a cleanser I like the Enzyme Cleansing Gel. I also like the Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, I like the Glycolic Cleanser too.  I really love the Enzyme [Revitalizing] Mask. I like the Healing [and Soothing] Mask; the Tightening Mask is good if you have an event.

N: How about services?

D: I can’t plug Irina [Dani’s aesthetician] enough, she is the ultimate service. Getting facials regularly is key. You have to keep it clean and fresh.

The beauty of the services is that they [the aestheticians] will tell you what you need.

What I discovered and got so many of my friends to do are the oxygen facials. You can think of it as “event face” like oh I’m going to a party or whatever it is I’m going to get this done and look great for a few days. If you do a series of them for six weeks diligently, once a week, it will affect your skin and really make a difference. I did it like a doctor’s appointment, to the T, 10 am on Tuesdays every week for 6 weeks. I couldn’t go anywhere without people asking what I was doing to my skin. I can’t recommend that enough. It’s all about consistency. You can’t do it just once, there’s no quick fix really.

N: Tell me, since you are a beauty girl, well fashion girl, but I know that secretly inside you are a beauty girl…

D: (Interjects) I am a beauty girl, on another planet I would have been a beauty editor. Really.

N: If you weren’t working in fashion what would you do?

D: I really can’t imagine not working in fashion. I will say this, I feel like beauty is fashion. I feel like it’s very intertwined. They go hand and hand. You know what I mean? What would I do without fashion? Oh, I’d be lost. I can’t imagine being without fashion.

N: When I was a kid my grandmother had these metal tubes of lipstick in her vanity and I would always peek at them and try them on, and my mother always had a bottle of L’Air du Temps on her dresser. I remember the glass bottle with the birds on top. Those are my earliest beauty memories. What do you remember from when you were little, what were your first beauty impressions? 

D: I also remember my grandmother’s vanity. It was all mirrored, it had all of her makeup very organized.  I was never allowed to touch it and my grandmother would meticulously apply her makeup for what seemed like hours. Even her hair, it used to be a joke that my grandfather couldn’t touch her hair. And you know my mom is very much my grandmother and I’m very much my mom just in updated versions. That vanity on Friday nights is the first thing that I think of.

N: I think a lot of people are intimidated by fashion and get stuck in a rut. If someone is stuck and they don’t know how to get out, what is one thing that they can do?  

I think one thing that is always easy is to experiment with is color. My thing is always that fashion is fun. It’s not a life commitment; you can put it on, you can take it off. I think an easy place to start is to add a pop of color. Often people fear color. I think it’s a really easy way to break out a little bit.  Also, I’m a walking accessory. Literally, accessories are just an amazing way to liven up your wardrobe. If you put on a great necklace or a statement bracelet or something, you’ve already jazzed up your whole look. Accessories are a great thing to experiment with. Accessories and color. It’s easily accessible; you probably already have it.

N: How do you define your personal style?

D: Eclectic. I always thought that I needed to define my look. Am I Uptown? Am I Downtown? But you don’t, again, fashion is fun. Fashion is about self expression: it can express the mood you are in for the day. I find all different things exciting.

N: You’re a New York girl, I’m a New York girl, MB is a New York brand.  What’s one of your favorite New York places that maybe the average person wouldn’t think of? 

D: Ummm Barney’s?! (We both laugh.) What is my favorite New York spot? My go-to answer is always Central Park, I don’t think that there are many days that go by that I don’t go to Central Park at some point, even in winter, that’s the New York getaway.

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