Q & A: What’s A Protective Cream?


protective-cream What is a protective cream? Do you need one? What’s it protecting you from?

Here’s your fast and easy answer:

Protective creams are designed to protect dry skin against harsh weather conditions. You need one if you:

  • Have dry, easily dehydrated skin and live in a climate that is very hard on your skin regularly, such as in hot, dry weather experienced in the southwest.
  • Live in a climate where the weather is occasionally very harsh (like the frigid temps here in New York City currently).
  • You have super-sensitive skin and live in a climate that is sometimes very harsh for your skin.

You won’t necessarily need a protective cream all-year round. It’s unlikely you’ll need one on a hot August day in Manhattan. But it would be super-helpful to use one on a very cold, blustery day to help avoid a raw, chapped, red complexion.

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And if you live someplace very cold or very dry—let’s say Alaska or Nevada—you may very well need a protective cream on a more regular basis.

Does your skin care regimen currently incorporate a protective cream?protective cream


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