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What’s In Your Skin Care? Rose Hips Oil


Curious about Rose Hips Oil? Allow me to unveil the mystery behind this intriguing ingredient.

Rose Hips are the pods left after rose petals fall off the flower. The oil of these pods is widely believed to possess superior benefits to the skin. These benefits include:

  • Helps reduce scars (including acne scars)
  • Helps soothe cuts and burns
  • Nourishes and hydrates dry and mature skin.
  • Provides a natural boost of Vitamin C, which is known to brighten and improve the texture of the skin.

Interested in Rose Hips Oil? Check these out:   

Rose Hips Nourishing Oil is a treatment product for dry, flaky patches of skin.

Kera Moist Cream was created as a moisturizer for those with sensitive, dry skin and broken capillaries.

Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream also contains Carnation Oil and is great for dry, stressed eyes.

Rose Hips Mask is a lightweight nourishing mask for dry, sensitive skin.

Botanical Firming Lotion was designed to be used on the body to help smooth, soften and firm skin.

Lip Wax comes in both jar and tube form and is a classic lightweight lip conditioner.

Rose Hips Oil is nothing shy of sophisticated!

Author: Lee Ann

I am a Licensed Esthetician and Freelance Professional Makeup Artist based in the Princeton, New Jersey area. My passions are all things beauty and I have an unhealthy obsession for anti-aging. When I'm not writing a plethora of articles, I enjoy indulging in shopping, music, fine dining and catching up on the latest celebrity gossip from the E channel to People Magazine. Email me if you have questions [email protected] Feel free to visit my Google+ page.

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