The Sacred Six: Your Skin Care Regimen


…or seven, or eight.

I keep a post-it note attached to my desk with THE SACRED SIX, the foundation products for any complete skin care regimen.
skin care regimen

You might have extras here and there… two moisturizers (one for day and one for night), for example. Serums or acne treatment products, too.

What does your skin care regimen look like?

Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.

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