Skin Tone And Skin Care: The Connection


Do darker skin tones need special skin care?

Many of our clients are surprised to hear that no, skin tone is not the first (or second, or even third) thing we think of when determining which products will be the best for your skin. Considering that a) most skin care products are formulated to be color blind and b) the color of one’s skin does not determine skin type, focusing on products that will be helpful for the current condition of each individual’s skin will garner the best results.

One’s skin type (oily, dry, combination) is the primary factor in determining which skin care products to use.

The second most important consideration when picking out products would be your skin’s specific conditions (such as acne or sensitivity), and here’s where skin tone may come into play: certain skin tones are more susceptible to certain conditions.

Scroll down to discover which conditions are more likely to affect your skin. 

skin tone

Consider skin type and condition when choosing skin care products.

Fair/Light Complexions are more prone to developing skin conditions/issues such as Rosacea and Sunburn while Medium/Dark Complexions are vulnerable to hyperpigmentation (dark spots) caused by acne scarring, sun damage, or picking at blemishes. This is because darker complexions have more melanin (cells that produce the skin’s pigment) than fairer skin tones.

All Skin Tones can get acne, sun damage, psoriasis, eczema, and overall sensitivity. Sun damage is caused by a lack of protection against solar rays and overexposure to the sun (the sun does not discriminate—its rays shine down on every inch of the globe).

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Regardless of how fair or dark you are, it is important to follow a proper skin care regimen according to your skin type and any conditions that may exist such as acne, Rosacea, signs of aging, Eczema, etc. If you’re unsure of your skin type and don’t know which products to use, take our online analysis here.  At the very least, all ethnicities should practice a basic skin care regimen that includes cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing (with built-in sunscreen for daytime).

Are you choosing the right products for your skin type/conditions?

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