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Top 10 Things to Do in NYC Before Summer Ends


It’s all a bit bittersweet, but if there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that our city is beautiful no matter the season. Luckily, it’s especially magical in fall. Here are 10 things to do in NYC before fall weather is really upon us. 

things to do in nyc

The iconic Jeff Koons sculpture, via @abitcoquettish.

1. Jeff Koons: A Retrospective. It’s Jeff Koons, it’s the Whitney, and the exhibit ends October 19. There’s something about modern art – particularly Koons – that elicits interesting conversation, but if art isn’t quite your speed, just think of all the amazing #selfie opportunities you’ll get…

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2. Plan a Perfect Picnic in Central Park. You won’t even have to do that much planning – Perfect Picnic will make that perfect, Central Park picnic happen.

3. Go to an outdoor movie. Bryant Park, McCarren Park, and plenty of other iconic parks are screening free films. All that’s left for you to do is pack a few blankets, grab some wine, and convince a few friends to come along.

4. Get a sweeping view of beautiful, beautiful NYC. Hop on the Staten Island Ferry (it’s free!) for a scenic view of Lady Liberty, the harbor, and the iconic Manhattan skyline. Perfect to go alone or as a date with a special someone.

5. Float in a pool…on the river. From now until September 1, celebrate the all that’s sun and summer. The Floating Pool at Barretto Point Park (in the Bronx) is a huge pool that rests atop a barge, so it’s almost like you’re floating in the river. But safely, in the comfort of chlorinated, filtered water.

6. Socrates Sculpture Park. Milk the sun and warmth while you can (while wearing broad spectrum SPF protection, of course) and explore this beautiful park. It’s one of the only places in the city to showcase such a great amount of large-scale sculptures and other multimedia installations. Visit for the art experience just because, or look up their calendar for any upcoming special events.

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7. Coney Island. Undoubtedly a quintessential New York City destination, it’s a must-do to spend an entire summer’s day enjoying the beautiful beach and historic boardwalk of Coney Island.

8. Smorgasburg. So technically it’s open every weekend, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. from now until November 23, but eating out on the waterfront for some local flavor is best done on a summer day. It’s something you can do for more than just a day with friends and family; 100 vendors are featured every weekend, plus, there’s plenty of outdoor activities in between all the taste testing you’re bound to do.

9. Enjoy all the best rooftop bars in NYC. Few things are better than good drinks, good friends, and good conversation, all shared atop beautiful rooftops overlooking the NYC skyline.

10. Rockaway Beach. When in doubt, escape toward the sea. Relax on the beach or wander the boardwalk. Whatever it is, enjoy. After all, summer only comes around once every year.


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Not in NYC? Let us know how you’ll be spending the end of summer in your neck of the woods!

Author: Kimberly Yang

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