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Some skin care products are legends. Among my little circle of friends, Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater has achieved cult status.

The obsession over Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray began with one girl in our group. She’s been a Mario Badescu fan for years and when she moved to our area she brought her excellent skin and skin care products with her.

These days, the use of this spray has spread like wildfire. Passed around while doing our makeup before going out and slipped into gift bags during the holidays, I know that I will find a bottle of this in the medicine cabinet of any acquaintance. When we’re shopping or having a night out, you can be sure that at least one of us always has a small bottle tucked in her purse.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the spray, it is a multi-purpose hydrating mist that can be used anywhere, anytime, and on all skin types. You can even spray it in your hair. It’s fantastic for adding moisture when you’re stuck with overzealous air conditioning or heat and it’s the perfect thing for setting your makeup.

So many of you have left lovely reviews on our website for this spray (after all, what’s more fun than sharing your favorite products with others, right?) and we appreciate your time. In fact, we thought we’d share some of your reviews right here on our blog.

Here’s what you had to say about our Facial Spray!

Corrie H. in Massachusetts says: Fabulous! This spray is what I have been looking for for years! I use a mineral based powder foundation and this helps to set my makeup and make it not look so powdery and more natural. I use this spray every single day and would be lost without it! It is also very refreshing, smells amazing and adds a nice bit of moisture. Love it!

And Maria H. (also in Massachessetts) reports: This spray mist is so wonderful! I like that it is non-irritating because of my eczema-intolerant skin. It is so calming, gentle, hydrating! I use it for my neck-face-hair! … When I wear makeup I use this to set my makeup. Also nice to use as a light gentle fragrance! Try it you will love it!

Finally, Julie K. from New York tells us: This is the first thing on my skin after my shower. It relieves the tight skin feeling and it allows my moisturizer to absorb better. I also use this to set my makeup. This stuff is great to use if you have oily skin. … It is very fresh feeling and it is great! A must-have for oily skin. Thanks!
Tell us: Have you tried the Facial Spray? What did YOU think?


Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.

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