Okay, okay, okay! Guilty as charged. Throw the book at me. Take me away. I just can't help myself.

I'm a beauty junkie.

How many of you out there are also guilty? If you can relate to more than 3 of these, I think it's time to seek some help.

. . .

1. Your medicine cabinet. Your friend walks into your bathroom “looking for a tylenol” and when she opens the medicine cabinet she is knocked unconscious by the avalanche of cleansers, hair serums, eye creams and zit creams that come tumbling out. You know she was snooping anyways, so she deserved it anyway. I hope you have insurance.

2. Make-up over money? You haven’t paid your electric bill, cell phone bill or paid your sister back the $500 you owe her but you just bought the most amazing 2000 watt hair dryer that can dry your hair straight in under 5 minutes.

3. Shopping issues. Count the bottles of self tanner in your bathroom cabinet. If it’s more than 3 and they are all about half used, you’re a beauty junkie. How many bottles of self tanner do you need at once? The answer is one. There is no rehab for this.

4. Variety problems. 75% of your lipstick, lipgloss and nail polish are almost all the same color. Hey, you know what you like…you just keep buying more stuff! Problem. Serious problem.

5. Celebrity lust. You just saw the celeb-du-jour wearing the trendiest nail polish. You buy the exact same one even though it looks awful on you and it cost $25. You wear it anyway and think everyone who sees you will start wearing it too, making you the trendsetter. I’m thinking Rihanna yellow. Yikes. Not cool.

6. Shower power. It takes you 10 minutes of water wasting in the shower to decide which shower gel, body scrub, shave gel, shampoo and conditioner to use. (Be green, people! Decide before turning the water on. Take a quick shower – it’s better for your skin and the environment.)

7. Merry...Christmas...? Holiday time comes and you get home from the mall with new lipstick, foundation, mascara, perfume, wrinkle serum, body cream and you’re out of money and bought no one a present. Well, no one except yourself. Oh well, you deserve it.

8. Situational dedication. Your gym bag, work locker, and boyfriend’s apartment all have a complete set of your skin care, hair care, and make-up products. You should never be caught off guard or unprepared. You never know, you may run into Matthew McConaughey in Starbucks. You need to look fierce, always!

9. Throw something out? The vegetable bin in your refrigerator has your overload of beauty products that no longer fit in your bathroom and on your dresser. Hey, at least there they are cool and dry and won’t be rancid when you get to them in 2013.

10. So necessary. You steal Equal and napkins from Dunkin Donuts, you reuse ziplock bags and tin foil but your Louis Vuitton make-up case cost $200 and is only big enough to hold one lipstick and a blush.

. . .

Let me know - how many of these do you relate to? I want to hear your stories! We'll publish the best ones.

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