Hope DeAngelis Schmid is co-founder of the popular women's travel and beauty blog, The Jet Set Girls. She also writes for The DC Ladies, Brilliant Color and Beauty Today, and Daily Makeover among others. Hope is always on the lookout for the best new beauty products and enjoys sharing her finds and flops with her readers.

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1. How would you describe your skin type? I have classic combination skin and even though I'm in my 30's, I'm prone to the occasional breakout. I have a couple of Mario Badescu products on my bathroom counter for just those occasions: the anti-acne serum for an area like my chin that's inflammed, and the drying lotion to address particular spots.

2. What is the best skin care advice anyone ever gave you? Diagnose the reason for your acne flare ups and treat accordingly. For instance, if you break out a couple of days after Halloween, realize it's diet related, throw out the rest of your candy stash, and continue with your regular skin care regimen. If it's hormonal, consider treating specific areas and drink more water. If your skin is broken out but dry, you may be over-treating your skin, drying out the top layers and causing your body to produce more oil to heal itself and in turn making matters worse. In this case you would want to pull back on harsh products and give your skin a "naked" night to rest.

3. In your opinion, what is the single most important thing you can do for your skin? My aunt and uncle who are dermatologists have been telling me forever to wear sunscreen. Somehow, that transferred to my face cream early on; but I can't resist having tan legs. By the end of the summer I have a big moon pie face and tan limbs. Thank God for bronzer.

4. What is your personal skin care routine like? My best intentions are to wash each morning and night, use a quality eye cream, and either an anti-aging cream or a salicylic acid product depending on the condition of my skin. Finish with an SPF and tinted moisturizer.

5. What is your first skin care memory? My first mask was a bargain from the drugstore; but I loved how it peeled off. I was hooked on beauty treatments after that!

. . . We can't thank Hope enough for this great interview! Don't forget to check her out on Twitter at @JSGHope - and of course, at The Jet Set Girls.

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