Acne Treatment—Which Products Do You Need?

Is the Healing Cream right for your skin?
With a wide assortment of acne products, we want to be sure that you’re using the right ones for your skin and your needs. You already know that you need a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, mask, and exfoliant. But what about everything else? What happens if your skin breaks out? Here’s the rundown on our acne treatment products:
What's the Buffering Lotion used for?
  • To conceal while treating acne breakouts, the Drying Cream is ideal.
  • Taking things a step further, the Special Healing Powder conceals while treating acne breakouts AND absorbing excess oil.
  • To dry up and shrink whiteheads while you sleep, the Drying Lotion is the gold standard.
  • Healing Cream encourages healing and prevents scarring.
  • For the reduction of blackheads, Silver Powder breaks down the oils trapped in the pores.


Which acne treatment products are best for your skin?
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