Deserted In The Arctic? 3 Must-Have Skin Care Products

It's currently 18 degrees in New York, and the folks at Mario are bundling up (and you know we're protecting our skin from the elements!). It got us thinking: what would you need, skin-wise, if you were stranded in the arctic? Most people know the basic essentials to bring when you’re stranded in a tropical paradise - some sunscreen and a skin-type appropriate cleanser and toner to combat dryness or oiliness - but what happens when you’re left to fend for yourself in a dramatically cold climate?

Here are my top three creative picks for beautiful, blizzard-ready skin that will make vacationers none the wiser to your chilling lifestyle:

Self Tanning Lotion Oil Free Let’s just cut to the chase. I’m already quite fair-skinned, but with cold weather and lack of sunlight threatening to make me truly translucent, I would choose this glow-inducing lotion for face and body to emulate the effects of the sun. If you’re not in need of a bottled bronze, swap this product for one of our other enriching moisturizers.

Protective Day Cream Wild chills and whipping winds can do quite a bit of damage to the surface of the skin. To stay protected from the elements, this non-greasy formula includes Balsam Peru, which is a soothing botanical that can help protect against irritation.

All Purpose Egg Shampoo I know what you’re thinking, and no, you cannot use this all-purpose shampoo to make egg drop soup when you miss the convenience of restaurants. Rather, its versatility lays in the fact that it can be used as both a hair and body cleanser, so it’s the perfect two-in-one for quick travel.

Remember, these products would be in addition to the basic cleanser, toner, antioxidant serum, exfoliant and moisturizer I would have smuggled in already. I guess I really can’t choose just three. What would you choose for your skincare arsenal?

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