Shopping With The Pros At The Makeup Show NYC: Nicole Gordon Levine

beauty editor

We were at The Makeup Show NYC a few weeks back and
caught up with Nicole Gordon Levine,
VP of Sales & Marketing for Tri-Media Marketing, Inc and Senior Editor at Beautystat.
Let’s see what she was picking up at the show!

Are you shopping for yourself or for your kit?

I don't usually shop as I review the show but recently ran out of my Drying Lotion so it was kismet to see the booth at The Makeup Show.

Tell us about what you’ve picked up!

Drying Lotion, Enzyme Cleansing Gel and the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater. The Drying Lotion ($17) is my go-to zit-zapper as its effectiveness on blemishes is unbelievable. I have been using it for years and was just running out of a bottle when I came upon your booth at The Makeup Show. Lucky girl!

I also fell for the Facial Spray as it's affordable ($7-12 depending on size) and it makes my sometimes patchy dry skin feel more moisturized and refreshed after application. It's oil- free which is great for me and can also be used on the go. I can also use it either before or after makeup, making it utterly convenient.

The Enzyme Cleansing Gel ($12-20 depending on size) I knew was your best selling cleanser so I wanted to try it. It's fab and the ingredients (such as the skin brightening papaya and grapefruit extracts) gently exfoliate the skin. My face appeared less dull after just one use. I also liked the fact that it was gentle enough to be used both in the morning and evening.

Thanks for your time, Nicole!

beauty editor

Nicole Gordon Levine can be found on Instagram and Twitter.
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