What’s In Your Bag? Beauty Essentials You NEED For Every Bag

There are tote bag days, last-minute-errand-wallet days, big bag days, clutch days, and everything in between. Which beauty essentials do you really need to carry with you?

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The bigger the bag, the bigger the beauty stash – right?

Maybe. Tote bags and substantial satchels may afford you the luxury of space to fill, but there's no need to sweep your entire vanity into your bag. (Please don’t, for the sake of your shoulders!)

Yes, you can carry more… but as with all things in life, be mindful. We’re champions of simplicity in every aspect of our routine – it is the MB skincare philosophy, after all – and pairing down to just the essentials is always our goal. Yes, it’s tough when it comes to the beauty products (take our quiz and find out: how high-maintenance are you?), but remember: less is definitely more.

beauty essentials

beauty essentialsThe Daytime Clutch/Wristlet, for quick, out-the-door errands:

  • Lip balm (yes really, that’s all you need!)

The Day Bag, for an entire day out:

    beauty essentialsThe Work Bag:

    • Lip balm
    • Oil-blotting sheets
    • Small compact mirror (for desk touch-ups)
    • Powder and mini-kabuki brush
    • Blush (the best way to brighten up and look fresh all day long despite however tired you feel)
    • Highlighting concealer pen (to highlight and freshen the complexion at your convenience)
    • Drying Cream (in case you feel an acne breakout coming.)
    • Hand cream
    • Cuticle Cream (optional, but highly recommended)
    • Rosewater Facial Spray (to refresh your complexion and/or hair, as well as set touch-ups post-powdering)
    • Lipstick du jour
    • Makeup wipes (to remove any unsightly mascara or liner smudges throughout the day)


    beauty essentialsThe Weekender Tote

    • Lip balm
    • Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30
    • Compact mirror
    • Oil-blotting sheets
    • Highlighting concealer pen
    • Lip/Cheek stain (for multi-purpose and easy application)
    • Band-Aids (to salvage walking feet)
    • Cuticle Cream
    • Hand cream
    • Rosewater Facial Spray
    • Drying Cream


    The Evening Clutch, for special occasions:

    • Lip balm
    • Lip liner (much easier – and longer-lasting – than your tube of lipstick!)
    • Oil-blotting sheets (much more clutch-friendly than bringing a powder and brush)
    • Band-Aids (to prevent blisters or salvage aching feet)
    • Summer Shine Body Lotion (in a sample size, of course)

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