Are you a beauty junkie or borderline hoarder like I am? Please allow me to have a self-therapy session/blog.

Crazy of me to even entertain this thought but I was thinking about scaling things down in my life including my immense collection of beauty products. I am renovating my bathroom very soon and I decided NOT to get a medicine cabinet but just a simple mirror and light fixture and to attempt to store my bathroom stuff only in the under sink cabinet. Now we all know I am a beauty junkie and I’m telling you I am a pack rat of sorts. I can’t even assure you won’t be seen on an upcoming episode of Hoarders. Eliminating a medicine cabinet would eliminate the need for holding on to endless creams, serums, cleansers, samples, tweezers and any beauty product I can get my hands on. Not only that. I have about 5 of everything I just mentioned and that doesn’t include make-up. If you even try to find anything medicine related in my medicine cabinet, good luck. You will probably be out of luck most times. Is this nuts? Will I spend less money of stuff without the place to store it or will this only cause me future headache when I have no place to put stuff. Will it be too late and I’ll need an intervention and a bulldozer to walk into my apartment?

Could you do it? That’s like exchanging your refrigerator for one of those dorm refrigerators with the teeny freezer and teeny ice cube tray! Where would I put my 16 jars of mustard and hot sauce and 3 different types of mayo and 18 bottles of salad dressing. I think it’s not just a beauty product problem. I just like varieties of stuff and I like to buy stuff whether I need it or not. I also like taking comfort in the fact that I have the stuff I want, when I need the stuff. It’s a security thing maybe? I’m also an over packer. Who takes 2 suitcases to Vegas for 4 days? Me. It’s all starting to come together now.

Try to find a place in my vegetable drawers for actual vegetables. It’s just another storage space for creams and lotions and lipsticks and make up until I get to it or give it away. Being that it can be 115 degrees in my apartment in the summer and not because I refuse to use the a/c because I can’t pay the electric bill in the summer, but because it’s probably the safest place for my surplus of beauty stuff. But I wonder, do I really have a problem? I work for the greatest beauty company on the planet yet I can not resist a free cosmetic bag (I have about 30) with sample sizes of the same creams these companies have been giving away for years along with the same ugly lipstick colors that I would never wear. But its free, its beauty stuff and I must have it and usually more than one. Is it to my advantage that some of my friends are also in the beauty business too and get me tons of stuff. Or is this to my disadvantage. Is that the same thing as a recovering drug addict having a best friend who’s a drug dealer?

. . .

Am I alone out there? Could you scale down your products? Do you want to? Do you need to?

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