Quiz: What's Your Fall Beauty Must-Have?

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While we line up our favorite boots and scarves for our foray into autumnal fashion, we’re also switching up our skin care regimens. To discover what YOUR skin really needs this Fall, take our quiz!!

1. Your biggest skincare problem: a. Acne b. Fine lines c. Sun spots

2. In the summer, you can be found: a. Trying to combat breakouts. b. Hiding from the sun. c. Laying out on the beach.

3. This fall, you’d like to: a. Finally manage breakouts. b. Have more youthful skin. c. Appear even-toned.

4. Your beauty must-haves for summer were: a. Spot treatments. b. Lifting and firming products. c. Tanning lotion.


Mostly As – A Clay-Based Clarifying Mask

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To tone down clogged pores, turn to a clay-based clarifying mask. Used once or twice per week to treat breakout-prone skin, the Drying Mask will help draw out impurities in the skin’s surface, leading the way to a clearer complexion.


Mostly Bs – An Anti-Aging Serum

beauty quiz

For fine lines and wrinkles, it’s important to incorporate antioxidants into your skincare regimen. Not only does a great vitamin c serum help to promote collagen production, it can also work to brighten up areas of sun spots, age spots, and acne marks.


Mostly Cs – Sun Damage

beauty quiz

The best way to reduce the appearance hyperpigmentation is with Kojic Acid, a skin-brightening ingredient. Try our Whitening Mask to help recover from summer skin care sins.

Which Holy Grail skincare products will you be toting in your bag this fall?

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