Better Skin In 10 Minutes (Yes, It’s Possible!)

In the age of instant gratification – one click to like, two taps to love – it’s hard not to want everything ASAP.

While we still stand by that ancient traditional thing where equal parts consistency and hard work are celebrated, sometimes a quick fix is what you’re after.

You want instantly better skin? You got it.

Transform your complexion in just 10 minutes. Our Temporary Lifting Mask literally lifts and tones in little to no time at all, thanks to the Egg Albumin found in this unique formula. Skin feels and looks visibly firmer, tighter, and smoother as pores are instantly minimized. Any redness is soothed with calming Calamine and Zinc Oxide, so by the time you rinse off the mask, you’re left with a more perfect complexion.

. . .

What’s your favorite quick skin fix?

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