The Dry Shampoo Of Skin Care

dry shampoodry shampoo

No time to re-wash your skin? This usually happens to me when I leave work and need to rush to meet my friends for dinner somewhere. There’s just no time for the full routine, but I still want to look good, you know? Here’s what I do: I spritz my face all over with our Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. While it sinks in, I’ll dry-shampoo my hair (which gives your style so much body, doesn’t it?) and give it a quick blast with the blow-dryer. Then, I’ll reapply a little concealer here and there, swipe on mascara, eyebrow gel, and a bold lip color, and head out the door. This look is so quick and easy! Of course, I’ll cleanse, tone, and moisturize later… I never skip out on my bedtime routine!

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